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In the spring of 1939, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to establish the Central Propaganda Department. Pan Hannian was appointed as the Deputy Minister and was responsible for setting up the South China Intelligence Bureau to lead the intelligence work in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao and Guangzhou. Soon, Pan Hannian came to Shanghai, set up the Shanghai Intelligence Station, and dispatched Chinese Communist Party members into various organizations such as the Japanese special service agency "Iwai Mansion" to carry out intelligence work. At the same time, he sent intelligence officers into the "76" Wang pseudo Agent headquarters collected intelligence directly from its leader, Li Shiqun, and others. At the same time, Pan Hannian and others also built a secret radio station that has been in contact with the Yan'an bulletin. The telegram sent by Pan Hannian to Yan'an was generally named "Xiao Kai".

In 1941, Pan Hannian cleverly obtained nearly a hundred valuable political and military intelligence and sent it to the Yan'an and Central China Bureau and the New Fourth Army Headquarters, so that the main force of the New Fourth Army could be transferred in time to avoid losses. The Japanese and Puppet Army's "cleaning up" and "sweeping" repeatedly caused the vigilance of them, realizing that the news of "cleaning up" and "sweeping" may have been leaked in advance. As a result, the Japanese and Puppet Army dispatched a large number of "intelligence experts" and gendarmerie agents to conduct a sub-area and fragment search of Shanghai to find radio stations for reporting. On one occasion, a Japanese radio direction finder inspected the streets and alleys and found that there was a radio signal on the roof of a drug store in the west of Shanghai. This station is a secret station set up by Pan Hannian a year ago.

At this time, Pan Hannian was working at the station. He found a jeep with an antenna in his telescope, and decisively ordered to stop sending the message. He quickly assisted the reporters Meng Shuxian and Su Limin to hide the transceiver and antenna in the gap between the walls and paste the wallpaper on the wall. Move the prepared toaster to the wall of the hidden station.

They had just dealt with it, and a group of Japanese troops rushed in. They couldn't help but search through the room. Pan Hannian calmly toasted bread while dealing with the searched Japanese army. When Pan Hannian saw the leading Japanese army officer speak a few Chinese words, he said to him, "If the Imperial Army wants to taste this French bread, I will warmly welcome you when you come." Then, handing the freshly baked bread, Let them taste.

The bread in the oven emits a seductive fragrance. The Japanese army's attention was all attracted to the freshly baked bread. After the lead officer ate a piece, the other guys also followed it and turned it at will. There was nothing suspicious. He left with the remaining bread.

The next night, the searched Japanese leader came knocking on the door again, saying that he would try Pan Hannian's baked bread again. Pan Hannian took out bread to feed the enemy, and chatted with him. Pan Hannian learned that this Japanese officer worked in Tokyo before joining the army and liked to eat bread very much; after joining the army, he rarely ate bread because of work. So Pan Hannian baked a lot of bread, let him eat enough. Since then, the Japanese officer has frequented the radio station to eat bread, but the enemy never came to search.

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