Huaihai Campaign "Weixian Regiment" Ten Warriors "Human Bridge"

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Original title: Huaihai Campaign “Weixian Regiment” Ten Warriors “Human Bridge”

On November 6, 1948, the People's Liberation Army Huaye went south in accordance with the strategic deployment of the Huaihai Campaign held by the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China. The Seventh Corps of the Army carried out siege. When the enemy found it in danger of siege, it retreated resolutely along the east bank of the canal west to Xuzhou. If Huang Baitao's regiment were to withdraw across the canal and merge with the Kuomintang army in Xuzhou, this would greatly increase the resistance to eliminate the enemy's seventh regiment. Huaye Command demanded that all officers and soldiers "are not afraid of fatigue, difficulties, hunger or cold, injury or death, or disruption of the system, are not confused by small enemies, are not obstructed by rivers, where the enemies run, and resolutely chase them." The huge chase began on the Jianghuai land.

Huaye Nine Longitudinal Twenty-seventh Division and the Seventy-ninth Regiment (the Weixian Regiment that repeatedly performed warfare) were ordered to pursue the Kuomintang 63rd Army. On the night of November 8, the Weixian Regiment finally caught up with the enemy's sixty-three army guard security unit and wiped it out in one fell swoop. When the enemy saw this, they fled even more madly. After discovering that the "Weixian Regiment" could not be thrown away, they had to deploy in the west of Yantou Town, 80 kilometers northwest of Suqian, in an attempt to use a trench more than 10 meters wide to block the pursuit of the PLA. At that time, although the water in the trench was not frozen, it was bitterly cold, while the enemy on the other side built a fortification near the trench, arranged a dense fire net to block the river, and lit the bonfire.

In order to ensure the rapid passage of subsequent troops, a pontoon must be erected immediately. Building bridges is a very difficult task in sports warfare, not to mention shooting at the enemy's firepower. But the commanders of the "Weixian Regiment" battalion were not afraid, and the commander of the second company of the commander ordered the company to quickly set up a floating bridge over the trench. After receiving orders, Fan Xuefu, a deputy platoon leader, and Ma Xuanyun, the third team leader, immediately led the soldiers to recruit two wooden ladders, tied wooden boards to them, and made a floating bridge without a pier.

After the battle started, the "Weixian Regiment" indicated that the fighters found the floating bridge unstable and could not guarantee the troops to pass quickly. Fan Xuefu, the deputy platoon leader, shouted, "No bridge leg, let's be the bridge leg!" He leaped and jumped into the cold biting water. Immediately afterwards, squad leader Ma Xuanyun, deputy squad leader Peng Qibang, soldier Song Xieguo, Yang Yuai, Pan Fuquan, Yang Xuezhi, Sun Kepan, Sun Xuezan, and Sun Shuxian all jumped off, using their bodies as support, and set up a "human bridge." In order to ensure the balance of the bridge deck, the soldiers near the shore in shallow water kneel in the water with one leg and one leg supports it. The soldier in the depths of the water lifted the wooden ladder with both hands. Seeing this, the attacking forces braved the enemy's dense firepower and quickly stepped on the "human bridge" erected by 10 warriors and rushed to the opposite bank. Due to the narrow bridge surface and the speed of crossing the bridge, some soldiers slipped on the bridge, and the soldiers who set up the bridge held their comrades with their heads. Some soldiers stepped on the bridge soldiers' shoulders, and they did not say a word. A warrior fell from the bridge into the river, and the warrior standing at the deepest point dragged him up with all his strength.

With the hard work of the 10 Warriors, a battalion of troops passed the pontoon bridge and quickly defeated the enemy's sixty-three army. In subsequent battles, the enemy became the first Kuomintang army to be wiped out by the PLA in the Huaihai Campaign.

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