Red Five Army gets big victory at intersection

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Original Title: The Red Five Army Gets a Big Victory at the Junction

On August 8, 1929, according to the requirements of the Special Committee for the Border of Hunan, Hubei, and Jiang of the Communist Party of China, Peng Dehuai and Teng Daiyuan led more than 1,100 people from the Fourth and Fifth of the Red Five Army to the Hunan, Hubei, and Jiangxi Border Area. On August 10, the troops reached the Nuanshui River and Mantou Stone in Shanshi Township, Lianhua County.

The Red Five Army's northward movement frightened military and political figures of the KMT. Kuomintang President Jiangxi Province Lu Diping quickly dispatched two divisions, Zhang Huiyu and Tan Daoyuan, with a brigade of nearly 20,000 troops to track and pursue, in an attempt to intercept the Red Five Army at the border between Hunan and Jiangxi and annihilate it. The enemy soldiers were divided into two lines. Three brigades on the first line went together, all the way to Yongxin, all the way to Lotus, trying to attack the Red Five Army; a brigade on the second line responded to the defenders. When the enemy forward came from Anfu Yangxi to Lianhualukou Township, asked the local people if they saw Peng Dehuai's troops? The people answered that they did not see them. The enemy believed that it was true, and continued to search in the direction of Lianhua County to find the main force of the Red Five Army. That night, an enemy defender battalion and heavy troops entered the camp at the intersection of Lianhua County.

The Red Five Army had already grasped the enemy's movements and was ready to wait for the opportunity to strike the enemy. So it quickly sent people to contact the party branch of the Nuanshui River in the Semitic Township of the Chinese Communist Party, asking the local party organization to send party members to guide the Red Five Army. The local party branch immediately convened a meeting of some party members. At the meeting, Liu Shande, the party secretary, conveyed the arrival and deployment of the Red Five Army, and sent several party members who were familiar with the terrain to contact the Red Army.

After the guide arrived, Peng Dehuai immediately decided to enlist the enemy in two ways: walking all the way to the well house, exiting the back of the hole, and plugging into the intersection. Feng Zixi and other three people were the guides; walking all the way to take the offensive task, and Liu Zenggan, etc. Five people acted as guides; all the way down the lake, out of the lake, blocking the enemy ’s retreat; and deploying the Red Guards in the streets, the same pits, the Red Guards in the amphitheater, the Jiudu Red Guards, and the Fuling Red Guards to participate in the battle together; The Red Guards and the Vanguard of the masses in the 2nd district and the intersection area were also ready to participate in the battle and the camera was deployed.

The Red Five Army Headquarters is located in Pantou Shi, and Peng Dehuai is in front of the command line. The next day, Peng Dehuai observed the terrain in person and implemented the combat deployment. Peng Dehuai is quite familiar with the folk customs and terrain of Lotus. In November 1928, he and Teng Daiyuan led the troops of the Pingjiang Uprising to Jinggangshan. It was the Lotus Red Guards and the masses who broke through the Kuomintang's siege and intercepted them to go up the mountain.

On the morning of August 12, the enemy's guard battalion met with the Red Five Army's nagging attacking troops on the way out, and the battle began immediately. Our teams swooped on the enemy. The enemy couldn't resist it, lost all the heavy weight, and retreated in the direction of Yujiaqiao. The Red Five Army relented, and the enemy retreated from Yujiaqiao to the tile house. Seeing that they could not break through, they had to escape again. To the intersection street. On the streets, the enemies resisted against the buildings and tried to wait for the enemies of Lianhua County to come to the rescue.

At this critical moment, Peng Dehuai ordered the rescue troops in the direction of Lianhua County to strengthen their vigilance, and ordered the attacking troops to fight fiercely, and must destroy the enemy before the arrival of the enemy. The Red Guards in Lianhua and Yongxin County also arrived at this time. The Red Army troops rallied and quickly launched an assault to wipe out the defenders. The entire battle took less than an hour. The enemy reinforcements were stubbornly blocked by the Red Army. After learning of the annihilation of the Ying heavy camp, they fled back to the county.

In the afternoon of the same day, Peng Dehuai commanded the Red Five Army to march northward, capturing Yichun, Fenyi, and Wanzi again. The Kuomintang Zhang Huizhang and Tan Daoyuan had to retreat in haste.

The battle was fruitful. In addition to the guns of an enemy battalion, the Red Army also seized a large amount of ammunition, uniforms, blankets, cloth and other materials, as well as military puppets. In order to chase the enemy as soon as possible, the Red Five Army had no time to clean the battlefield, and handed over most of the firearms and ammunition to the Red Guards of Lotus and Yongxin. Most of the clothing and silver dollars were distributed to the local poor.

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