Premier Zhou Enlai wrote to the villagers

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Original Title: Premier Zhou Enlai's Reply to the Villagers

In 1950, Zhao Huanwen, a villager in Haozhuang Village, Lincheng County, Hebei Province, wrote a letter to Premier Zhou Enlai in order to find the whereabouts of his son Zhao Xianguan who participated in the revolution in 1938. In his letter, he said: The son is unwilling to be a slave of the country, and with hatred of the Japanese invaders, he joined the Jixi guerrillas and is determined to give everything to the nation and the country. When the new China was just established, there has been no contact since the war of resistance. I do n’t know the whereabouts of his son Zhao Xianguan. He also heard that he was captured and taken to Taiwan with anxiety. Be clarified. The great gratitude of Prime Minister Yongming.

In order for the letter to be received by the Prime Minister, Zhao Huanwen and his family departed from Haozhuang Village and walked about Bailishan Road to Lincheng County Post Office, filled in the address name with registered mail, and sent it in person.

About two months after the letter was sent, the government of Haozhuang Township sent Zhao Huanwen to ask him to come to the township. For unknown reasons, Zhao Huanwen immediately got up and went directly to the township government with the township government personnel. Upon arrival, the responsible comrade of the township government received him and transmitted to him a reply from Premier Zhou. Zhao Huanwen couldn't restrain his excitement and joy, and said with tears: "Good Prime Minister, good Prime Minister! I can't think of a quick reply to a mountain villager!"

After returning home, he called his wife and children in front of him, holding the reply, and stared at the beautiful handwriting of "Zhao Huanwenqi" written by the Prime Minister last week, and he was reluctant to open it. After a few hesitations, Zhao Huanwen finally opened the envelope and saw Premier Zhou's beautiful handwriting and the sentence written in 16 letter paper. Its content is: "Mr. Huanwen's Da Jian: On February 12th, a letter was read. The inquiry asked Ling Lang to get involved, and I have received the resumption of telegrams from Master Liu Cheng and Deng Xiaoping," Comrade Zhao Xianguan (Republic of China) 27 He joined the Communist Party in August and was active and responsible. He was an outstanding young cadre. He had participated in the Jixi guerrilla detachment and served as a propagandist and political instructor. Unfortunately, it was a pity that he suffered from typhoid fever in the Republic of China in the 29th year. The body was buried in Jingzhen, Guangfu County, Hebei Province, etc. It is clear that Linglang is an outstanding young cadre of the party, and no other incidents have occurred. The rumors obtained on the Taiwan side are not facts. I would like to reply to you. Special regards. Chunan. Zhou Enlai February 21.

The reply from Premier Zhou Enlai was concise and focused, and expressed his regret for the unfortunate death of our party's outstanding young cadre Zhao Xianguan in the army and his condolences to his family members. He also clarified the false rumors and made the stone crushing Zhao Huanwen's heart suddenly On the ground. Soon, the local county party committee, county government, and civil affairs department, according to the spirit of Premier Zhou ’s reply, determined that Zhao Xianguan was an anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter and Zhao Huanwen was a revolutionary soldier family.

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