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· 彭德大在大青山搞统战 2020/01/03 Peng Deda engages in united front in Daqingshan
· 王子隆血洒朱家村滩头阵地 2020/01/03 Prince Long's blood sprinkles the beachhead position of Zhujia Village
· 姚志军:子弹打光后用身躯扑向绑匪 2020/01/03 Yao Zhijun: After the bullet hits, he uses his body to pounce on the kidnapper
· 延安大学一分校在韩城 2020/01/03 One branch of Yan'an University in Hancheng
· 八路军十三团大破冀东伪“治安军” 2020/01/02 Eighth Route Army 13th regiment breaks down Jidong's pseudo- "security forces"
· 红五军取得路口大捷 2020/01 / 02The Red Five Army gets a big victory at the intersection
· 淮海战役“潍县团”十勇士“人桥” 2020/01/02 Huaihai Campaign "Weixian Regiment" Ten Warriors "Human Bridge"
· 长安街的国家成长记忆 National Growth Memory of Chang'an Street
· 解放军四次解放营口 2019/12 / 31The People's Liberation Army four liberation camps
· 陕甘宁边区的报纸 Newspapers in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region
· 秋收起义在修水 2019/12/30 Autumn Harvest Uprising in Xiushui
· 巧计掩护秘密电台 Covert Secret Radio
· “苏币”流通的前前后后 2019/12/27 Before and after the circulation of "Su coin"
· 淮海战役“潍县团”十勇士“人桥” 2019/12/27 The Huaihai Campaign "Weixian Regiment" Ten Warriors "Human Bridge"
· 红五军取得路口大捷 2019/12 / 27Red Five Army gets big victory at intersection
· 解放初期保卫上海领空的战斗 The battle to defend Shanghai's airspace in the early days of liberation
· 东北抗联中的女战士 Female Warriors in the Northeast Resistance League
· “做一个样子给全国看” 25/12/2019 “Make a look for the whole country”
· 周恩来总理给村民回信 Letter from Premier Zhou Enlai to Villagers
· 《义勇军进行曲》这样成为国歌 2019/12/25 ` ` The Volunteer March '' became such an anthem

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