The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection publicly exposed five mental problems that violated the eight central regulations

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A few days ago, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection made public exposure to five typical issues that violated the eight central regulations. The five typical questions are:

Zhang Jianhong, the former secretary of the party committee of the evil ancient township of Yajiang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, did not take responsibility or do anything. On February 16, 2018, a major forest fire broke out in the village area of Mayixi Village, Egu Township. Zhang Jianhong, as the secretary of the party committee of the evil ancient township, did not seriously fulfill the responsibility of the first person responsible for fire prevention in the township. He oversight and mismanaged the problems of poor fire control in the wild, insufficient publicity and education, and inadequate forest fire inspections. responsibility. As the on-duty leader on duty during the Spring Festival in Egu Township, Zhang Jianhong left Egu Township on February 14, 2018 without fulfilling the leave procedures in accordance with the procedures, and agreed to leave the rest of the five on duty staff in the township, causing a fire. At the time of the accident, only 3 of the 9 people who were supposed to be on duty in the township were on duty, which seriously affected the disaster relief work, resulting in the affected forest area reaching 875 hectares. Zhang Jianhong was sentenced to withdraw his post in the party and withdraw his government affairs.

Lu Zhanglei, former member of the party group and deputy director of Fengxian District Urban Grid Integrated Management Center in Shanghai, illegally accepted the management and service target's travel arrangements and gifts. From August 24th to 25th, 2018, Lu Zhanglei illegally accepted the arrangement of Qian, the legal representative of a Shanghai technology company, to travel to Suzhou, Jiangsu. The cost of room and board was borne by Qian. During the Spring Festival in 2019, Lu Zhanglei received gifts such as red wine and cordyceps from Qianmou. From the Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 to November 2018, Lu Zhanglei illegally accepted gifts such as mooncake coupons and mobile phones, which were given by the project manager of a certain information company in Shanghai, valued at RMB 4,700. Lu Zhanglei also has other disciplinary problems. Lu Zhanglei was sentenced to withdraw his post in the party and withdraw his government affairs.

Gao Minghua, the former manager and deputy secretary of the party branch of Fuyang District Grain Collection and Storage Company, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and Xu Lusheng, the former party secretary of the party branch, illegally organized public funds to eat and drink. During the period from 2014 to December 2018, Gao Minghua, Xu Lusheng, and others conducted collective research and instructed financial personnel to illegally take funds to purchase tobacco and alcohol through false expenditures and other methods, with a cumulative amount of 1.371 million yuan. Gao Minghua, Xu Lusheng and others ate and drank in violation of public funds and consumed high-end tobacco and alcohol. They ate and drank 545 times in a number of restaurants, and the total amount of meals reached 772,600 yuan. Before the Spring Festival each year from 2014 to 2018, Gao Minghua, Xu Lusheng, and others conducted collective research and issued local products and tobacco and alcohol to the company's middle-level and above cadres in violation of regulations, with a total value of 93,000 yuan. Since 2017, Gao Minghua, Xu Lusheng and others have repeatedly organized employee tourism in violation of regulations and paid a total of 136,200 yuan in public funds. Gao Minghua was punished by the staying party for two years and was removed from the post of manager of the grain collection and storage company; Xu Lusheng was revoked from the party. Other relevant responsible persons are dealt with accordingly.

Chen Kun, a member of the party group of the Rong Media Center in Gong'an County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, has problems with private use of buses. During the Spring Festival holiday from February 4th to 10th, 2019, Chen Kun violated the regulations for the administration of official vehicles, driving official vehicles of the county public information communication limited liability company of the county financial media center to visit relatives and friends in Gong'an County for personal affairs. Chen Kun was severely warned by the party.

Wang Guibin, former director of Yinggen Police Station, Qiongzhong County Public Security Bureau, Hainan Province, issued issues such as subsidies in violation of regulations . From May 2016 to the Spring Festival of 2019, Wang Guibin asked financial personnel to assist in obtaining financial funds through false reports to assist in solving crimes, meals, group defense expenses, special expenses, etc., and illegally reporting to the police, auxiliary police, and staff A total of 108.45 million yuan of Tianjin subsidies were issued, of which Wang Guibin personally received 6,200 yuan. From June 2016 to April 2018, Wang Guibin used the convenience of the official gas card of the custodian unit to refuel his private car many times in violation of regulations, with a total consumption of 7,285 yuan. Wang Guibin also has other problems of disciplinary violations. Wang Guibin was sentenced to one year's inspection by the staying party and was dismissed from government affairs, and was reduced to a police officer.

The relevant person in charge of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection pointed out that the above five problems occurred during the festival. Some of them were seriously dereliction of duty during the festival on duty. Some violated the rules and used public funds to eat and drink. Illegal acceptance of management and service party banquets and travel arrangements reflects that some party members and cadres have not yet formed their consciousness of implementing the spirit of the eight central regulations. They are still fluke and relax requirements, violate party rules and discipline, and infringe on the interests of the masses, and must be taken seriously. deal with. The majority of party members and leading cadres should take this as a warning, always be alert and self-respecting, and keep the bottom line of behavior.

The relevant person in charge of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection emphasized that work style construction will always be on the road, and the "four winds" must not be relaxed for a moment. The annual holiday is often a period when the "four winds" problem is prone to occur. It is necessary to deepen awareness, increase vigilance, and resolutely curb "holiday corruption". Party organizations at all levels must thoroughly implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Party, consolidate and deepen the educational achievements on the theme of “not forgetting their original intentions and remembering their missions”, earnestly shoulder the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the party ’s main body, and implement the eight requirements of the Central Committee The spirit, perseverance, and continuous efforts to rectify the "Four Winds", vigorously rectify formalism, bureaucracy, persistently grasp the nodes, strengthen supervision, promote rectification, and resolutely prevent the "Four Winds" problem from rebounding during the festival. Leading cadres at all levels must regard the implementation of the spirit of the eight requirements of the Central Committee as an important yardstick for testing the "four consciousnesses" and "two maintenances", exert the "head goose effect", and always tighten the string of discipline and rules, take the lead in improving the style, and be conscious Resist the crooked wind and establish a good fashion of being practical, frugal, civilized and honest. Disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies at all levels must adhere to the problem-oriented approach, and resolutely investigate and punish the illegal receipt of gifts and gifts, the use of special resources of rare and special products for personal gain, the appropriation of public funds, the grant of subsidies in violation of regulations, the private use of public cars, the illegal operation of weddings and funerals, and the possibility of illegal acceptance. Prominent issues that affect the fair execution of official banquets, tourism arrangements, etc., and seriously investigate and deal with the problems of inaction and inaction in the implementation of the poverty alleviation policy, assistance and safety, production safety, ecological environment protection, and social stability, and deepen the rectification and increase the burden on the grassroots. Outstanding issue. It is necessary to strengthen daily supervision, dig deep for invisible mutation, give priority to the clues of the "Four Winds" during the festival, quickly investigate and handle them quickly, strictly investigate and deal with disciplinary violations of the top wind, and never tolerate them. It is necessary to carry out reforms on a case-by-case basis, advance system construction, and strive to improve the long-term mechanism of implementing the spirit of the eight central regulations and correcting the "four winds." It is necessary to strengthen precise thinking, insist on seeking truth from facts, pay attention to methods and methods, and prevent situations such as arbitrary discipline and simplified accountability.

"I have watched the Chinese New Year for years, and I have watched the festivals for years." On New Year's Day and the Spring Festival in 2020, disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies at all levels must hold back and give up. They often sound the "alarm bell" and continue to purify the festival atmosphere. The masses have personally felt the positive results of the discipline and provided a strong style guarantee for the decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way.

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