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2019 is a crucial year for the deepening of inspections.

In March, the first national inspection work conference since the 18th CPC National Congress was held. The third round of the 19th Central Committee of the People's Republic of China started synchronously, conducting regular inspections of 42 Chinese management companies and 3 relevant industry authorities;

In June, the "Guiding Opinions on the Inspecting Work of the Party Groups (Party Committees) of the Central Ministries and Departments and Central State Organs (Party Committees)" was issued, which provided institutional guidelines for internal inspections by the central and state organs;

In September, the fourth round of the 19th Central Committee of the People's Republic of China focused on conducting routine inspections of party organizations in 37 central and state organs;

In December, all 26 places and units that inspected the central government's poverty alleviation campaign launched a "look back".

Since the beginning of this year, the central inspection has adhered to Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics as the guide, comprehensively implemented the working principle of “finding problems, forming deterrence, promoting reform, and promoting development”, continued to deepen political inspections, and promoted inspections while maintaining stability. Promote high-quality development of inspection work in the new era.

Focus on political supervision and unswervingly deepen political inspections

Inspection is essentially political supervision, and the fundamental task is "two maintenances." On March 20th, the National Inspection Work Conference was held in Beijing. The meeting put forward the "5 tightly bound" clear requirements for promoting the high-quality development of inspection work in the new era, the first of which is to closely monitor and implement "two maintenances." The fundamental task is to advance the normalization of the political supervision.

2019 is a key year for building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the goal of the first century of struggle. The third and fourth rounds of the 19th Central Committee adhered to the positioning of political inspections, further focused on the responsibilities, missions, and core functions of the inspected party organizations, focused on the leadership of the party group (party committee), highlighted the key minority, and focused on the implementation of the party's line, principles, policies, and party Major central decision-making and deployment, implementation of the party's strategic plan for stricter governance of the party, implementation of the party's organizational line in the new era, implementation of inspection and rectification requirements, comprehensive political medical examinations, in-depth search for political deviations, and full use of inspections to ensure the success of a well-off society effect.

"The adherence to political inspections and the implementation of 'two safeguards' are concrete and not abstract. The key is to check whether the inspected party organization can implement the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's instructions and the important decisions of the Party Central Committee with specific actions." The inspection and inspection of key party organizations and party members and leaders at all levels throughout the city carried out the internship of General Secretary Jinping's important speeches and important instructions to Beijing, and will ensure the implementation of Beijing City Master Regulations and Deputy Center Control Regulations, promote the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, 2022 The three major events of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2010 were included in the key monitoring content of the inspection, and a number of outstanding problems were found and promoted.

What the people hate and oppose, they focus on inspecting and correcting. According to the results of the National Bureau of Statistics's 2019 opinion survey, the public's satisfaction rate for inspections was 93.8%.

Innovative methods and methods to promote full coverage of inspections

Inspection of full coverage is an important task stipulated in the Party Constitution. The central inspection work plan sets clear requirements for high-quality full coverage. In 2019, the central inspection team will conduct two rounds of regular inspections and special inspections for poverty alleviation. “Look back”, covering 108 local and unit party organizations, and the completion rate of the 19th Central Inspection Team ’s full coverage task exceeded 50%.

On March 20, the third round of the 19th Central Committee Tour officially kicked off. This round of inspections of 42 Chinese management companies, centralized arrangements by industry and field, completed the full coverage of the inspections of the Chinese management companies, synchronized inspections of the three industry authorities, coordinated up and down to find the deep-seated problems that restrict the reform and development of state-owned enterprises. The fourth round of central inspections launched in September focused on the supervision and inspection of 37 central and state organs and units, in-depth search for prominent problems in the fields of politics and law, united front, foreign affairs, science and technology, party schools, and groups.

On December 25, the Central Inspection Team set off again and carried out a "look back" on all 26 places and units in the special inspections of the central government to combat poverty. This is the first time that the Central Inspection of the Party since the 19th National Congress of the CPC “looked back”, and there were many innovations in work positioning and working methods.

"This time," Looking Back "implements the requirements of the Party Central Committee to solve the prominent problems of formalism and reduce the burden on the grassroots level, and strengthens the overall integration with the assessment of poverty alleviation in 2019, in terms of personnel training, work arrangements, results sharing, and situation reporting. A coordination and docking mechanism has been established to achieve unified integration, overall promotion, and formation of a joint force to effectively reduce the burden on the grassroots. "Said Luo Liping, deputy director of the Office of the Central Inspection Leading Group.

The full coverage of inspections must ensure both quantity and quality, so that physical coverage and effective coverage are unified. In order to improve the quality of supervision, the central inspections continue to innovate ways and methods, formulate work plans before each round of inspections, combine the Party Central Committee's decision-making deployment and the characteristics of inspection objects, and clarify supervision priorities and work requirements. At the same time, the inspection draft report system should be improved to ensure that inspections can withstand practical and historical tests. While promoting the full coverage of the central inspections, the supervision of the full coverage of provinces, regions and municipalities was also strengthened. Since the beginning of this year, the Party committees of 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have conducted inspections in 134 cities, 1011 counties, 1075 departments, and enterprises and institutions. The overall coverage rate is 59.5%.

Establish a daily supervision mechanism for rectification, and do a good job of inspecting "the second half of the article"

Strengthening the implementation of inspections and rectifications is a distinctive feature of the deepening development of the 19th Central Inspections. In accordance with the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the inspection work combined rectification and thematic education, strengthened daily supervision, and deepened reform, and made a solid "second half article".

Over the past year, disciplinary inspection and supervision organizations and organizational departments have made supervision and rectification an important starting point and breakthrough for daily supervision, and have continuously innovated ways and methods. Through holding promotion meetings, listening to "live situations", interviews, inquiries, and spot checks, etc. Methods, continue to follow the supervision, and strengthen the external thrust of rectification.

"Deepening into 11 districts and cities, 98 counties (cities, districts), 197 townships (streets), 21 provincial-level units to carry out supervision and inspection, and feedback to relevant local (unit) party committees (party groups) about problems existing in the rectification work 344 The number of opinions and suggestions is 212, the number of problems is 243, and the system is 160 .... This set of data is the result of Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision and Inspection and Rectification of Anti-poverty Campaigns this year.

Since the feedback from the central inspections, the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels in Jiangxi Province have resolutely assumed the political responsibility of supervising and promoting the implementation of inspections and rectifications. In practice, they have formed a working mechanism of "three supervisions, three feedbacks, and three rectifications", namely: Point supervision, patrol supervision; feedback to the party committee (party group), disciplinary commission supervision committee, provincial units directly; urged the party committee to comprehensively carry out rectification, the disciplinary commission supervision committee took the lead in rectification, industry departments intensified the rectification, and promoted the rectification of poverty alleviation.

On the one hand, the central inspection insisted on finding problems and forming a deterrent, and on the other hand it focused on solving the problems of the system, mechanism, and system, promoting reform and promoting development. In 2019, the central inspection further strengthened the comprehensive utilization of the results, informed the party Central Committee and the State Council of the leaders of the inspection 9 times, submitted 15 thematic reports to the Office of the Central Commission for Reform and Development, and made 72 recommendations to relevant functional departments to comprehensively deepen the reform. 2. Optimizing the supply of policies provided a problem-oriented reference, and gave full play to the role of the strategy of inspecting both the symptoms and the symptoms.

Promote patrol inspections in an integrated manner to build a strategic pattern of up-down linkage

Establishing a working mechanism for patrolling and patrolling up and down is an important task of the party ’s 19th National Congress, and it is also an important starting point to improve the pattern of patrolling work and promote the in-depth development of patrol work. In the past year, the inspection has adhered to the unified leadership of the central government and hierarchical responsibility, and promoted the linkage and up-down of the inspections. It has opened up the “one body and two wings” working pattern with the central inspection as the main body, and the provinces, autonomous regions, and central units as the support. Central, provincial, city and county patrol inspection system.

In March this year, the Gansu Provincial Party Committee sent 9 inspection teams to inspect 27 counties (cities, districts), as well as Lanzhou New District, Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. and Gansu University for Nationalities. At the same time, the current round of inspections insisted on patrolling with inspections, leading the party to be organized to establish inspection teams to conduct cross-inspections on the departments (units), towns (streets), and villages (communities) it manages.

"This round of inspections highlights the linkage of inspections and inspections, pays close attention to key areas and key links, further promotes the full coverage of inspections and inspections, and strives to achieve the establishment of party organizations, wherever inspections follow up." The Gansu Provincial Party Committee's inspection work leading group is responsible for People said.

Provincial patrols are the key link of up-down linkage and play a role in linking up and down. The national patrol work conference has made arrangements to improve the patrol pattern and promote the development of patrol work in depth. The central inspection work leading group thoroughly implemented the spirit of the national inspection work conference, researched and established the guidance and supervision work mechanism, and deployed pilots in three provinces, including Hebei, Liaoning, and Fujian. Through thematic training and guidance, work survey supervision, and on-site follow-up guidance, etc. Conduct guidance and supervision, promote the implementation of responsibilities, standardize work, and improve quality.

In May this year, the national city and county inspection work promotion meeting was held. According to the deployment of the meeting, localities further implemented the main responsibilities, clarified the focus of supervision, focused on the problem of grass-roots implementation of the party's central government policy, the problem of corruption and work style around the masses, the building of grass-roots party organizations, deepened political inspections, and promoted inspections in accordance with the actual situation. The work extended to villages and communities. Innovative methods such as "backpack" inspections and "bicycle inspections" came into being to open up the "last mile" of the party.

In 2019, cities and counties nationwide inspected a total of 11,000 towns, 59,000 departments and enterprises, and 225,000 village-level party organizations. Among them, the coverage rate of village-level party organizations reached 63.7%, which truly put supervision at the grassroots level and let the masses Really feel that the care of the party is on the side, and the upright anti-corruption is on the side.

Promote the integration of inspections and other supervisions to enhance the effectiveness of supervision

Inspections are a strategic institutional arrangement for intra-party supervision and play an important role in the party and state supervision systems. In accordance with the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the central inspection work explored effective ways to integrate with other supervisions, and integrated inspections into the “three noes” to promote the work pattern.

In 2019, the central inspection agency and the relevant departments of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection established a coordination mechanism. The situation notification was strengthened before the inspection, and close communication and coordination were conducted during the inspection. The results were strengthened after the inspection, and rectification and supervision were strengthened. The effective path of supervision promotes the improvement of the discipline, supervision, stationing and inspection of the "four full coverage" power supervision structure.

Adhere to the organic combination of patrol supervision and mass supervision, strengthen the improvement of letters and visits, open channels for cadres and the masses to report problems, and guide the masses to participate in patrol and supervision in an orderly manner. In the past year, a total of more than 90,000 reports and complaints have been received from the masses. The problem urged legislation to be reformed.

At the same time, further establish and improve the coordination and cooperation mechanism of inspection and organization, audit, petition and other departments, explore effective ways to supervise information sharing, coordinated use of supervisory forces, and sharing of supervision results, and promote the improvement of a unified leadership, comprehensive coverage, and authoritative and efficient supervision system. To effectively transform the advantages of the system into the effectiveness of supervision. (Reporter Xu Jie)

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