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· 省委巡视组向14个省直单位党组反馈巡视情况 2020/01/03 The Provincial Party Committee's inspection team feedbacks the inspections to the party groups of 14 provincial units
· 邯郸:严惩群众身边腐败维护群众切身利益 2020/01/03 Handan: severely punish the corruption around the masses and safeguard the vital interests of the masses
· 紧盯基层“微腐败” 打好监督组合拳 2020/01/03 Keep an eye on the "micro-corruption" at the grassroots level
· 挪用资金被追回群众圆了“新房梦” 2020/01/03 Misappropriation of funds was recovered by the masses and fulfilled the "new house dream"
· 中央纪委公开曝光五起违反中央八项规定精神问题 2019/12 / 31The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection publicly exposed five mental problems that violated the eight central regulations
· 廊坊:10名特约监察员获聘上岗 2019/12/31 Langfang: 10 special supervisors hired
· 唐山市通报5起基层“微腐败”典型案例 2019/12/31 Tangshan City reported 5 typical cases of "micro-corruption" at the grassroots level
· 回望2019 | 深化政治巡视抓实巡视整改 2019/12/30 Look back at 2019 | Deepen the political inspection and implement rectification
· 滦州:从解决群众操心事烦心事做起找准切口让专项整治走深走实 2019/12/30 Luzhou: Starting from solving the masses' worries and troubles, finding the right incision and deepening the special rectification
· 唐山:1090名干部集中“充电蓄能” 2019/12/30 Tangshan: 1090 cadres focus on "charging and storage"
· 秦皇岛:推进漠视侵害群众利益问题专项整治从具体人具体事着手解决问题 2019/12/30 Qinhuangdao: Promote special rectification of issues that ignore the interests of the masses
· 中共中央纪委印发《关于持之以恒正风肃纪确保2020年元旦春节风清气正的通知》 2019/12 / 27The CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has issued the `` Notice on Persevering in Constant Discipline and Ensuring Discipline to Ensure a Clean and Clean Air on New Year's Day in 2020 ''
· 2019年11月我省查处违反中央八项规定精神问题118件 2019/12/27 In November 2019, the province investigated and punished 118 cases of mental problems in violation of the eight central regulations
· 沧州市通报2起违反中央八项规定精神典型问题 2019/12/27 Cangzhou City reported 2 typical spiritual problems in violation of the eight central regulations
· 衡水市通报3起漠视侵害群众利益和影响营商环境问题典型案例 2019/12/27 Hengshui City reports 3 typical cases of indifferent to the interests of the people and the impact on the business environment
· 省生态环境厅深入开展不担当、不作为、慢作为、乱作为问题专项整治扛起管党治党主体责任刀刃向内整治突出问题 2019/12/26 The Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment has carried out in-depth rectification of the problems of no responsibility, inaction, slow action, and disorderly action.
· 邢台:20名特约监察员“持证上岗” 2019/12/26 Xingtai: 20 special inspectors "posted with certificates"
· 沧州市通报4起漠视侵害群众利益问题典型案例 2019/12 / 26Cangzhou City reports 4 typical cases of ignoring violations of the interests of the masses
· 秦皇岛市山海关区:精准运用监督执纪“四种形态” 2019/12/25 Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao City: "Four Forms" for the Precise Use of Supervision and Discipline
· 虚报冒领工资,处分! 2019/12/25 Misreporting to take salary and punish!

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