The Ninth Ice Hanging Festival of Quanshengxia in Tang County Opens

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The picture shows the beauty of the Quanshengxia Ice Festival. Photo by Wang Dengxiang

On December 29th, the annual Tangsheng Gorge Ice Hanging Festival (also known as the Ice Falls Festival) of Tang County kicked off. The beautiful ice hanging shocked the canyon, attracting more than 1,000 people from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to come and watch.

The Quansheng Gorge is spectacular. Shili Long Gorge, wrapped in silver, resembles a long white streamer. The stalactite cliff hangs a glacier. It is the largest natural ice hanging gorge in southern Beijing. Quanshengxia is a karst landform with stalactites clusters and ice glaciers hanging on the cliffs, forming a strange landscape of stalactite cliffs and glaciers. Quanshengxia Scenic Area is known as Four Lakes, Sixteen Lakes, Seventy-two Waterfalls, and One Hundred Springs. Here, the ice hanging here is large, wide and wide, with ice milk hanging, and ice shoots lined up, that is spectacular and similar. There are two hundred-meter ice cave corridors in the sky, a beautiful ice hanging patio, a beautiful mirrored West Lake, a long ice waterfall falling from the sky, an ice hanging on the two gorges pond facing the show, a shining backing stone moraine, and That iced old turtle, the icebergs and mountains that dance with it ...

You can also see the pine and cypress igloo, the Yingquan victory ice tower, holding hands across the love corridor, flowers and trees, lanterns and ice gardens, etc., dazzling and dizzying.

The picture shows the beauty of the Quanshengxia Ice Festival. Photo by Wang Dengxiang

The Quansheng Gorge is colorful. The ice cave in the canyon is like an ice hanging dragon. Walking in the ice cave is like entering a magic mystery palace. The ice is hanging in a bunch, one by one, the bundles are connected, and the links are really ingenious. Beautifully made and pleasing to the eye! Ice waterfalls look like huge icicle curtain walls. Above them are clusters of ice flowers of various shapes. Some are like snowdrops, some are jellyfishes, and some are mushrooms. They are like a curtain wall made of icicles. With sparkling lace.

Quanshengxia is romantic. Quanshengxia is a blessing place for love and a paradise for tourists. After walking through the trestle of thousands of times, a romantic picture is presented in front of me. A red ribbon is holding hands to cross, surrounded by a azure water, and the other side is a white and jade-like ice waterfall. It is reverie. Forever.

The picture shows the beauty of the Quanshengxia Ice Festival. Photo by Wang Dengxiang

Quansheng Gorge is poetic, with plum blossoms blooming on the cliffs of the Tianchang Waterfall, and it is intriguing to the ice waterfall and the lake.

Quansheng Gorge is spiritual. The scenic spot incorporates the cultural elements of Quansheng into the snow and ice. Three ice towers stand tall in the canyon, shining brightly under the sun. The pine branches were covered with ice and flowers, which also showed the high purity of pine and cypress.

Quanshengxia is interesting. The zodiac signs are backed by icebergs, and they are all dressed in crystal ice. They are all vivid and vivid. The children found their own lover, and listened to the interesting stories told by their parents.

The picture shows the beauty of the Quanshengxia Ice Festival. Photo by Wang Dengxiang

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the Quanshengxia Scenic Spot is a sight from a close-up and a long-distance view. In this winter, it shows its most gorgeous ice storm style. .

The Quanshengxia Ice Hanging Festival will end from now until early March 2020, adding new fun to winter tourism, and also welcoming the arrival of New Year's Day and the Spring Festival in this unique way.

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