A deep understanding of the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics

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Original Title: Deep Understanding of the Advantages of the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics

The Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed that "the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is a scientific institutional system formed by the party and the people in long-term practical exploration", emphasizing that "our national system and national governance system have significant advantages in many aspects." Generally speaking, the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is the fundamental institutional guarantee for the development and progress of contemporary China. It is an advanced system with obvious institutional advantages and strong self-improvement capabilities. In this regard, we must further deepen our understanding.

The Necessity of the Formation and Development of the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics

To understand how the socialist system with Chinese characteristics was formed and developed, a global vision is needed.

To pursue the goal of modernization, countries around the world have adopted two different types of institutional systems. One is the institutional system of capitalism, and the other is the institutional system of socialism. Although the capitalist system played a certain role in promoting modernization, it has major disadvantages in two aspects: first, it follows the logic of capital, and where there is surplus value, the economy develops; second, This kind of development is spontaneous. The government cannot control it, and it is even more difficult to manage in the era of globalization.

Because of the nature of the capitalist system, there have been many twists and turns in the process of human modernization. Within the capitalist countries, capitalists had brutally exploited and oppressed the workers; internationally, they had brutally colonized the backward countries. It can be said that the purpose of the rise of socialism is to solve the ills of the development of capitalism. Scientific socialism was first proposed by Marx and Engels. Lenin led the October Revolution to success and enabled socialism to make a great leap from theory to practice. Therefore, using the socialist system to promote modernization has become a new modernization path. This modernization path was first manifested in the "Soviet model." It should be said that the "Soviet model" still achieved certain achievements at that time, and its greatest advantage was that it could concentrate on major tasks. However, the "Soviet model" also has many disadvantages, for example, it violates the basic law of the development of the market economy. Practice has proved that, especially in economically backward countries, modernization cannot be promoted solely by the government, but the objective laws of economic development must also be followed.

Since reform and opening up, China has adhered to and improved the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. Practice has proved that this institutional system overcomes both the ills of the capitalist system and the ills of the "Soviet model". It is a successful exploration; it adheres to the fundamental nature of socialism and draws on ancient and modern Chinese and foreign institutional construction The beneficial results are in line with China's national conditions and reflect the characteristics and advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We must seriously study the inevitability of the formation of a socialist system with Chinese characteristics. By thoroughly explaining this issue, our institutional theory can stand up more academically and be smoother in practice.

The Connotation of the Advantages of the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics

The socialist system with Chinese characteristics is a complex system. Correspondingly, its advantages are also very rich. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC summarized the remarkable advantages of 13 aspects of China's national system and national governance system. From the analysis, we can roughly understand the connotation of the advantages of the system from the basic system, basic system, and important systems.

For example, among the "13 significant advantages", the top three are: adhere to the party's centralized and unified leadership, adhere to the party's scientific theory, maintain political stability, and ensure that the country always advances in the direction of socialism. The people are the masters of the country, develop the people ’s democracy, closely connect with the masses, and rely on the people ’s significant advantages to promote the development of the country; adhere to the rule of law in a comprehensive way, build a socialist country ruled by law, and effectively protect the social justice and the significant advantages of people ’s rights. The three aspects of party leadership, the people being the masters of the country, and governing the country according to law are fundamental advantages in our system. They have completely changed the spontaneous development of capitalism and all the logic of capital in order to obtain surplus value. It is with such inherent fundamental advantages that our system can take advantage of the advantages of “focusing our efforts on major issues” and “all nations being equal”, thus creating a miracle of rapid economic development and a long-term social stability miracle.

For another example, "adhere to the common ownership of the main body, the common development of multiple ownership economies and the distribution according to work as the main body, and multiple distribution methods coexist, organically integrate the socialist system and the market economy, and continuously liberate and develop the significant advantages of social productivity." The "invisible hand" of the market and the "tangible hand" of the government can be well combined to jointly promote economic development. "Adhering to the people-centered development ideology, continuously safeguarding and improving people's livelihood, improving people's well-being, and taking the significant advantage of common prosperity," can consolidate the strength of the whole society. "Adhering to the common ideals, beliefs, values, and moral concepts, promoting the outstanding traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture, and promoting the remarkable advantages of all people's ideological and spiritual solidarity, determines that the entire country has The common ideological and cultural system thus forms the advantage of uniting one's heart and striving for a common ideal. With these powerful advantages, our cause is invincible.

For another example, "Insist on reform and innovation, advance with the times, be good at self-improvement and self-development, and make the society full of vitality." The significant advantages of many more and better talents ", etc., have effectively promoted reform and opening up, selecting talents and appointing talents, and formed corresponding institutions and mechanisms, which have greatly promoted our country's modernization drive.

For the significant advantages of the 13 aspects proposed by the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Party, we can also conduct more international and historical comparative studies to further understand the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

National governance systems and governance capabilities complement each other

The expression "national governance system and governance capacity modernization" is very scientific. "National governance system" is the system of managing the country under the leadership of the party, and "national governance capacity" is the ability to use the national system to manage all aspects of society. From the perspective of the application of modern system thought in the social field, the former focuses on "internal structure" and the latter focuses on "external function". Any system has internal structure and external functions. Generally speaking, structure and function are inseparable. Structure determines function, but function is also relatively independent. A good structure can provide a basis for the use of good functions, but a good structure requires good "operations" in order to be converted into good functions. In short, the national governance system and governance capacity are the concentrated reflection of a country's system and its executive power, and they complement each other.

To implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and advance the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity, the following two relationships need to be handled properly: First, the relationship between the governance system and governance capacity. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee specifically emphasized the need to "transform the advantages of China's system better into the effectiveness of national governance". This requires us to deepen our understanding and seriously study and implement it. The second is to handle the relationship between system stereotypes and system innovation. To do this specific analysis. We must unswervingly adhere to the systems that have been identified and proved to be correct through long-term practice; but we must encourage institutional innovation for those systems that are not complete and need to be tested in practice, especially those at the level of institutional mechanisms. , Leave enough room for practical exploration to maintain proper flexibility. At the same time, strengthen supervision in the implementation of the system and resolve existing problems to achieve good results.

The World Significance of the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics

Because of its significant advantages, the socialist system with Chinese characteristics has certain reference significance for developing countries. China's practice shows that to modernize developing countries, they need a strong political party and government that represents the interests of the people, and at the same time a scientific political, economic, and cultural system.

The socialist system with Chinese characteristics will also serve as a reference for other socialist countries in the world. China's development proves that socialism is not set in a single, unchanging routine. Only by closely combining the basic principles of scientific socialism with the country's specific reality, historical and cultural traditions, and the requirements of the times, can we continue to explore and summarize in practice to change the blueprint. For the good reality.

The socialist system with Chinese characteristics also has certain reference value to developed countries. Western developed countries should accept the reality of the successful practice of the Chinese system and deeply reflect on the limitations of the capitalist modernization model. At the same time, they should work with developing countries to build a community of human destiny that is negotiated, co-constructed and shared, and promote the peaceful development of the world. Progress of human civilization.

(Written by Yang Jinhai)

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