Illuminating the life journey of the visually impaired with love

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Shen Zhanchao (right) teaches students massage techniques

Shen Zhanchao (left) instructs students on massage

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17 years ago, Destiny made a joke with him with bad intentions. The sudden darkness before him made him experience unprecedented life suffering, but the injustice of destiny did not defeat him, did not yield, did not confess ... optimism and strongness prompted him Find another window of life-Chinese medicine massage. From then on he re-perceived the world with both hands and created the future.

The transformation of Cocoon Rebirth not only made him dance a more exciting life, but the bright light in his heart also guided him to resolve to lead more "compatriots" to look for the future. For more than ten years, he has taught more than 400 visually impaired masseurs for free. The selfless personality charm has set him up with a banner of fraternity in the blind massage industry. Visually impaired people across the country have come to worship him as a teacher. And join his massage team.

He is Shen Zhanchao, a blind masseuse who loves to illuminate the visually impaired life journey.


Eye disease at a young age

At the age of 13, Shen Zhanchao suddenly suffered from atrophy of the optic nerve, and his vision continued to deteriorate. For two years, Shen Zhanchao followed his parents to treat the disease, and he hoped to go back again and again but was disappointed. Slowly, his vision can only feel the light and shadow vaguely. In those days, Shen Zhanchao didn't like going out, and he didn't want to hear others talk.

When he first started learning Braille, he couldn't accept reality. "I study hard every day, practicing braille, learning meridian routes, anatomical knowledge, etc. In order to practice my hand, I touch Xiaomi and the ground to increase the touch, but I do n’t want people to see it. Even if I study at home, I have to lock it. Come home. "

In 2005, Shen Zhanchao went to school at the Tangshan Rehabilitation Education Center at the time. He said that after school, his heart had suddenly opened and his mentality had changed. "I have strong learning ability and my eyes are good in class. In school, I often help my classmates with meals, tutoring homework, and taking them to various places. After 3 months, I was introduced to an out-of-school clinic because of good study. I had an income of six or seven yuan in half an hour. At that time, I felt that I was finally a useful person, and I became more and more confident. "

Realizing your entrepreneurial dream after many twists and turns

After graduating in 2007, Shen Zhanchao wanted to enter the university for a time, but when he learned that the cost of the university after 5 years was about 100,000 yuan, Shen Zhanchao hesitated. "At that time, my family owed 3,400,000 yuan in foreign debts in order to treat me, so I decided to work and earn money before I realized my college dream."

Shen Zhanchao started to work in a massage shop near Hehuakeng. For four or five months, his skills increased rapidly, and he gradually got his own idea of opening a shop. Just do it, he ruled out many obstacles and borrowed more than 10,000 yuan to open a massage shop.

"I did n’t lose money after opening the store, and I was quite surprised. I was busy from 6 to 7 in the morning to 11 in the evening, and then I started to hire people after being too busy. After more than a year, the store has already hired four or five masters to help the family. She paid more than 100,000 yuan of debt. "Shen Zhanchao said that he was beginning to take on family responsibilities, and was particularly happy in his heart.

Good intentions to teach massage skills for the disabled

With his careful management, on September 30, 2018, he opened a new store in Ocean City. There are more than 30 masters in the two stores, 99% of whom are blind. While working hard, he met his current wife and had two lovely daughters.

For many years, Shen Zhanchao has not forgotten his college dream. In 2018, he was admitted to the Department of Acupuncture of Beijing Union University. Life is getting better, and his wishes have been realized step by step. He has a bigger dream in his mind, which is becoming more and more exquisite. He wants to teach disabled people to learn massage, so that more disabled people can have the skills and realize their own value. Together they spread positive energy.

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Befriending massage team is growing

Today, Shen Zhanchao's career is getting bigger and bigger. On December 27 this year, his third branch opened, but he still adhered to his original intention and taught free TCM massage for the visually impaired. "I started to get out of the haze of my life when I learned a lot of skills. I felt that I was particularly valuable and confident. I wanted to share these skills with my" brothers "so that they can have a confident life. No matter where they are People, as long as others are of good character and willing to learn, I am willing to teach him free of charge, in addition to food and accommodation, in the future, I choose to stay. More and more people come to me to learn massage, especially through the newspaper last year. After the report, many people took the initiative to contact me, from Shijiazhuang and Beijing, and I felt that I had done something that made me feel more at ease. "

Since opening the store at the age of 18 to now, Shen Zhanchao has taught more than 400 students for free, many of whom have never been to the clinic before and have taught them from scratch. Zhu Jianhua is an outstanding masseuse among many students. "Teacher Shen and I studied for 3 years. In addition to teaching me massage in person, he encountered other techniques that he was not good at, and he took out his own pocket and let me study elsewhere, and he also helped me to apply for Beijing Union University. Now I wish To the university. "

Zhu Jianhua said that Shen Zhanchao not only helped him in his studies, but also cared for his life. "During the time when my father was seriously ill, their family gave me a lot of help. Later, my father died, and his father was like an elder. It helped me deal with the funeral. "The concern of Shen Zanchao's family made Zhu Jianhua, who had originally planned to learn something to return to his hometown in the Northeast, changed his mind." I can now earn seven or eight thousand yuan a month. OK, and he really takes me as a family, and I have relatives here, and I think it's good to stay. "

Every year, Shen Zhanchao will give each staff a birthday in addition to giving red envelopes to the masseurs. This is the most touching thing for Zhu Jianhua. "He remembers the birthdays of twenty or thirty people, including what everyone loves to eat, and his family is no better than that." Zhu Jianhua said that from the teacher Shen Zhanchao, he can learn a lot about being and doing things. "He is not only right I am so concerned. Regarding other colleagues, whether he has been here for a day or a year, he never hesitates to give money when he comes across something. This is a place that I particularly admire and admire. Usually, like The colleague who has taken care of the stone is hospitalized, he collects medical expenses for the eldest son of the masseur, and introduces the object to the colleague. He has done too much trivial matters in life. "

Zhu Jianhua is very grateful to Shen Zhanchao for taking him to the field of traditional Chinese medicine and massage, so that he correctly realized his ability and was full of confidence in life. "Ms. Shen once said that he was not just a massage shop opened for earning money. He was like a leader who took us visually impaired to start a business together and work hard together to make me feel worth living, not just Take the state subsidy alone and do nothing at home. "

Improved management

Improve employment conditions for people with disabilities

Many years of massage experience made Shen Zhanchao realize the difficulty of masseurs. In order to gain experience and practice techniques during working hours, he once worked from 7 am to 3 am and only slept for 4 hours a day. "I think we should still learn management and improve the working environment for masseurs. We now manage 3 meals a day in the shop." In order to let everyone rest well, Shen Zhanchao also vacated two rooms in the shop and placed seven or eight sheets. The store serves as a dormitory for employees. "I want to give them as much rest as possible and not allow them to pick up work early. We all work at nine in the morning, and we can continue to work in the evening until half past ten."

While giving everyone a relaxed environment as much as possible, Shen Zhanchao is also standardizing the store's system. He divides the masseur into four levels: the dean, the attending physician, the technical director, and the senior technician, making customers more selective, and allowing technicians Be more motivated. "I want to learn as many corporate cultures as possible, make the system more humane, and encourage more disabled people to develop a sunny team; I hope to improve the people of Tangshan through my brand and the hands of my team. Health, whether it is health care or treatment, people can think of me, and I feel very happy. "


Help more people with disabilities

In the 13 years since the store opened, through the free professor Shen Zhanchao, hundreds of people from all over the country have achieved self-employment. His massage shop has solved the employment problem of 80 or 90 people, free orthopedics for 500 or 600 children, and improved tens of thousands of people. Good health.

On May 19, 2019, Shen Zhanchao won the title of Self-improvement Model of Hebei Province. In October 2019, Shen Zhanchao won the first prize of Hebei Province in the competition of the blind massage project of the 6th National Vocational Skills Competition for the Disabled.

Giving someone a rose to leave a lingering fragrance, Shen Zhanchao's selfless dedication not only earned him social honor. With the increase in the number of students he taught, the masseurs who joined his team have increased to 50 people. On December 27, Shen Zhanchao was in Xinjie Opened a third branch. The ever-expanding scale has given Shen Zhanchao a greater desire for public welfare: "I only teach blind massages for free now, and for children's orthopedics for free, in fact, there are only a few people I can help with, and I hope that in the future I can run a special Schools that teach the skills of people with disabilities form a scientific and standardized education system so that more people with disabilities have a base for learning and practice. "

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