He transformed Messy Hill Village into "Happy Yushan"

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Small mountain village with beautiful scenery and clean environment.

Shen Zengjiao, Secretary of the Party Branch of Yushan Village (front left, first).

Shen Gaoqi led the villagers to build in the village.

Correspondent Tian Yanlin Shen Qiang Yan Durong Media reporter Li Jinhua

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In the winter, when I walked into Yushan Village, Qian'an City, the reporter not only saw a neat small village everywhere, but also felt the ubiquitous cultural atmosphere in the mountain village. And all this stems from Shen Zeng, the party branch secretary in this village.

Like many outstanding rural cadres, in the battle to improve the living environment, Shen Zengqiang is always a front-line fighter; unlike many rural cadres, Shen Zengqiang is enduring the loss of his loved ones when he throws himself into work. pain of.

In the mid-summer of 2019, 57-year-old Shen Gao experienced two things: the improvement of the living environment and exhaustion; and the 4-year-old baby granddaughter died of the disease and was unforgettable.


Improving the living environment, always rushing to the front line

In the deep mountains northwest of Muchangkou Town, Qian'an City, a small mountain village with only 136 households and 407 people shows its uniqueness with its unique village "structure": there is only one main street in the village. The houses of the households are all built on the slopes of Dongling or Xiling in the mountains, and all the houses and houses are built.

In the eyes of city dwellers like Hive, this living environment is really beautiful. But when every family built a toilet, carport outside the courtyard wall, piled up firewood and wool stones, a beautiful small mountain village lost its fresh taste. In the midsummer season of 2019, Yushan Village is still such a small mountain village.

Yushan Village is adjacent to the ecological forest green road in the west of Qian'an City. It is a village in the old revolutionary district of East Hebei and a village revitalization and promotion village in Tangshan City. It has 550 acres of arable land and 2800 acres of mountain fields. In recent years, although the village's infrastructure has been gradually improved, due to many years of living traditions and customs in the mountain village, everyone has built toilets, pigpens, and garages outside the gable wall and the side of the house. Every family has a few stacks of firewood and rubble. .

After the renovation of the rural human settlements began, Geng Guojun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Muchangkou Town, and Zhang Xinsong, Mayor of the Town, entered the village for investigation and planning many times, and soon reached a consensus with the village cadres: create a brand-new "Red Memory, Happiness Yushan", and create Tangshan City Village Revitalization Demonstration Village.

It's up to you, let's do it!

A group of people from the two committees of Yushan Village, under the leadership of Shen Gaoqiang, quickly set off a tough battle for the improvement of rural human settlements.

"Starting from the cadres and relatives of our two committees, door to door and door to door!"

However, when it comes to realism, it is difficult for villagers to completely unify their thinking. Shen Gaoqiang said: "It was really difficult at the beginning. Some villagers had outdated ideas. No matter what your son-in-law said, the enthusiasm for the heart was a wait-and-see attitude. Sometimes the words of the villagers were stink and hard, and you couldn't breathe. , Weeped two or three female cadres in the village several times. "

In the face of difficulties, Shen Zengqiang never gave up. He always communicated sincerely and emotionally with emotions, once or twice, twice or three times. My throat was dumb, and the lozenge continued to say; my leg hurts, and I sat on the stone beside the road for a while, and continued to walk; no one in the east went in the afternoon in the morning, and no one went in the evening at the west during the day. Sitting on the hoe, the parents were short and bitter, like a demon, until the other party agreed to dismantle. Soon, the pragmatic and sincere sentiment of the cadres of the two committees of Shen Gaohe and the village deeply infected the masses. "It's not used anymore, you can just rest! Just give you the sincerity and perseverance, we will obey, we must cooperate with the work and clear up on time." The folks said with emotion.

Little dots and noodles, Sparks of Fire!

Shen Zengqiang took the lead in dismantling his two sheds and a toilet, and also demolished the aunt's toilet and small shed. Immediately after, Shen Chengyin, the deputy secretary of the village branch, took the initiative to demolish his own color steel shed and pig pen; Zhang Jingfu, the branch commissioner, demolished the garage, and also mobilized his sister-in-law to demolish his own toilet and shed. The pigsty was dismantled ... for a while, the village, men, women, and children went into battle together, demolished, transported, moved, and some mud, some masonry walls, some painting ... People and cars shuttled, the sound of machines was booming , In full swing. In order to pave the stone road, Shen Zengqiang did not count the gains and losses, digging more than a hundred stones from his own land.

Dedicated to work and lost baby granddaughter

Demolition and construction are in full swing, and Xiaoshan Village has begun to transform into "red, green, and beauty", and "red memory, happiness in Yushan" is within reach. But at this moment, nightmares quietly struck!

On May 25th, the lively and lovely 4-year-old granddaughter, who had always been taken care of by Shen Gao and his wife, suddenly had a fever and vomiting. On the 31st, the city will have a big pull-out. The construction of the square has just begun, the stone road has not yet been paved, and the overall image has not yet appeared. Shen Gaoqi took his son who was running a cart off the class and sent his granddaughter to Qian'an People's Hospital for examination.

No one expected that the condition was very serious. After the inspection of Qian'an People's Hospital, the child was immediately transferred to Tangshan. Tangshan was diagnosed with advanced uremia, and the doctor immediately suggested that he be transferred to Beijing Children's Hospital for treatment. On May 30, after the Beijing laboratory test, the hospital requested dialysis treatment. But after two dialysis sessions, the condition worsened dramatically.

At this moment, the village's work is at a critical moment, and the family only told Shen Gaoqiang, "The granddaughter is just a cold." Shen Gaoxin, who has always been upright, believed that he had never visited the hospital, but just asked about his condition by phone.

In the days when the little granddaughter was hospitalized, Shen Gaoqiang did not leave the village one step, and always ran around at the site of the party building square and the reconstruction of Yang Silu's headquarters, shopping, transporting materials, and arranging artisans ... On May 31, the little granddaughter was returned Qian'an Yanshan Hospital. At this point, the surging granddaughter no longer knew him, but barely maintained his breath.

After the city's training was over, a village committee could not help telling Shen Gaoqiang, go to the hospital to see the little granddaughter. Xing Xiangzhi, the village committee, recalled the situation at the time, and choked with tears in his eyes, saying, "Actually, the people in the village knew the truth, but he didn't know it."

In those days, Shen Gao was busy with things in the village during the day, and drove to the city to accompany the young granddaughter in the evening, and hurriedly returned to the village in the morning to participate in the demolition and construction. What he didn't expect was that the little life passed away in just a few days. On June 4, Shen Gaoqiang sent away the baby granddaughter who had never said a word after leaving home.

"I really thought it was a cold, and the infusion was okay. I didn't take it seriously. I didn't ask much!" Today, people don't want to open this heartbreaking memory. Talking about the little granddaughter, Geng Zhi's strong Shen Gaoqi still cried.

For more than three months after clearing the fortresses, Shen Gaoqi worked day and night, always sticking to the front line, courageously shouldering the task and not humiliating the mission, and won the hearts of the people with the party spirit. According to statistics, in just three months, Yushan Village completely cleared 136 households with nearly 300 stacks of more than 100 tons of mangosteen, cleared 56 garages, toilets, pig pens, etc .; invested nearly 1 million yuan, and 5800 extension meters of stone walls. The paved slab road has a length of 970 meters, a red cultural wall of 1,800 square meters, a party-built cultural square and a leisure square, and the site of General Yang Silu's "Anti-Japanese War Temporary Command" is also being restored. Yushan Village successfully passed the town's acceptance, and was also praised by the participating leaders in the city's pull training. The rural environment improvement was at the forefront of Qian'an City.


In the winter of Yushan Village, all kinds of trees are spreading over the mountains. It is not difficult to imagine the autumn layers of forests being full of picturesque scenery. The newly paved asphalt road winds up and leads to secluded paths. The style of "Stone Road Stone Wall Stone Room" It is ingeniously combined with red memory, party building elements, history and culture, and has a rich historical heritage and distinctive characteristics of the times. Carrying forward the spirit of the old district, fulfilling the original heart and mission, and the emergence of ecological agriculture dominated by walnuts and jujubes. .

Today, the "red memories, happy Yushan" that are livable, suitable for business, and easy to travel are fascinating and lingering. Looking back at the changing process of the mountain village, Shen Gao was relieved to see the villagers living in the beautiful mountain village.

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