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Yanzhao Metropolis News Cangzhou Telegraph (correspondent Yin Wei reporter Li Jiawei) A few days ago, a truck loaded with red peppers entered the gate of Cangzhou Vocational and Technical College. This is the college's designated help village-North Purple Tower, Leshou Town, Xian County Under the enthusiastic subscription of the faculty and staff of the college's impoverished household Li Ang, 1870 kg of peppers were sold out.

Beizita Village is a designated aid village of Cangzhou Vocational College. Since 2016, Beizita Village has 4 poverty-stricken households out of poverty. Currently, only two poor households have reached the poverty alleviation target. Li Ang's family is one of the poor households in the village. He was originally a well-known wedding master of ceremonies in Shili and Baxiang. A car accident 13 years ago made him a "vegetative" and put his family into poverty. Today, Li Ang's 60-year-old parents can only rely on planting peppers to support their family expenses. Last year, after the peppers of Li Ang's family were harvested, the employees of Cangzhou Vocational and Technical College subscribed to the peppers of his family under the initiative of the village team of Cangzhou Vocational and Technical College.

This year, the peppers of Li Ang's 10 acres of land once again enjoyed a bumper harvest, but encountered difficulties in sales. After studying and studying, the school ’s party committee decided that the school would continue to subscribe for all the peppers of Li Ang ’s house by “purchasing instead of donating”.

After the proposal letter calling for voluntary subscription was issued in the Cangzhe working group, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg ... the majority of faculty and staff actively subscribed. Because "there are many relatives who love spicy food at home," Feng Qingshan, the party secretary of the college, subscribed for 50 kg of peppers. He said that Beizita Village is the "own village" of the vocational college. In the future, the college will make full use of the advantages of teaching, scientific research, modern agriculture and "Internet +" to help villagers stably escape poverty and continue to increase their income.

In the morning, Cangzhou Vocational College sent a "special car" to Li Ang's house to buy peppers. Everyone packed the peppers into a 5 kg bag and shipped them back to the college. In a short period of time, all 1,870 kg of peppers have been subscribed. Some of these "love peppers" entered the canteen of the college. The canteen has a window of love peppers. In this most grounded way, vocational college students also participate in targeted poverty alleviation.

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