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· 加强品德修养弘扬文明新风 2020/01/03 Strengthening moral cultivation and promoting the new style of civilization
· “不妨碍他人”也是一种文明 2020/01/03 "Not obstructing others" is also a civilization
· “爱心驿站”暖人心 2020/01/03 "Love Station" warms people's hearts
· 爱洒冬日最暖的粥送给最爱的你 2020/01/03 I love the warmest porridge in winter
· 当好脱贫致富“领头雁” 做乡亲们的贴心人 2020/01/02 Be a " leader " of getting rid of poverty and getting rich
· 山村留守孩子收到特别的新年礼物 2020/01 / 02Mountain left-behind children receive special New Year gifts
· 愿倾注毕生心血帮农民走上致富路 2020/01 / 02I would like to devote my whole life to help farmers to get rich
· 石家庄着力建设宜居宜业“美丽县城” 2020/01 / 02Shijiazhuang strives to build a "beautiful county" that is livable and suitable for industry
· 用爱心照亮视障者的生命旅途 Illuminating the life journey of the visually impaired with love
· 唐山钢铁工人成功捐献造血干细胞 2019/12 / 30Tangshan Iron and Steel workers successfully donated hematopoietic stem cells
· 他让杂乱小山村变身“幸福榆山” 2019/12/26 He transformed the Messy Hill Village into "Happy Yushan"
· 1870公斤爱心辣椒认购一空 2019/12/24 1870 kg love peppers sold out
· “姜小牙”的爱心漂流未完待续 12/24/2019 “Ginger Tooth” 's love drifts to be continued
· “破三难”建设美丽家园 2019/12/23 "Breaking the Three Dilemmas " to Build a Beautiful Home
· 群众在哪里,文明实践就延伸到哪里 Where is the masses, where does civilized practice extend?
· 平山学子拄拐的父亲有了个新躺椅 2019/12 / 20Hirayama's abducted father has a new lounge chair
· 小铃铛摇出环保新风尚 2019/12 / 20Small bell shakes new environmental protection fashion
· 邯郸好人老许情系养老院 2019/12 / 19Handan Good old and old Xu Qing is a nursing home
· 18年献血7万多毫升相当于17个人全身血液 2019/12/19 More than 70,000 ml of blood donation in 18 years is equivalent to 17 people's whole body blood
· 寒夜里三赴冰窟救起落水者 On the cold night, three went to the ice cave to rescue the descendants

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