"Rat" who was "powered by electricity" was caught

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"Have you heard? Zhang Chuang, an electrician at the county hospital, was arrested!"

"A little electrician, why arrest him?"

"You don't know yet, don't underestimate this electrician, you have the courage to take a lot of money from the hospital falsely ..."

For a time, this news spread through the streets and alleys of Shangshui County, Henan Province, and became the topic of ordinary people after dinner.

In May 2019, the Shangshui County Commission for Discipline Inspection received the clues from the county party inspection office. Zhangshuang, an electrician at the Shangshui County People's Hospital, was suspected of falsely reporting electricity bills and cheating public funds.

After receiving the clues, the county disciplinary commission's supervisory committee formed a task force, divided into three paths, multi-pronged, and went to the county power supply company, hospital, and bank to retrieve relevant data and visit to verify. Through repeated comparisons of various materials, the facts of Zhang Chuang's violation of discipline and law were confirmed.

Zhang Chuang joined the work in July 1997 and joined the Communist Party of China in July 2014. In May 2014, Zhang Chuang, while serving as the monitor of the hydropower team in the General Affairs Department of Shangshui County People's Hospital, saw some friends in the society become rich, and changed psychologically. He also wanted to earn some money. He "went" electricity, so he had a wry brain and reported to the hospital leaders that on the grounds that residents' electricity is cheaper than office electricity, it was suggested that the hospital's deep water well power be changed from the office area transformer to the family area transformer. However, when the power line for deep water wells was actually changed, the power source of the deep water wells was not connected to the transformer in the family area, and the power source of the deep water wells was still connected to the transformer in the office area of the hospital. Afterwards, after the Shangshui People's Hospital settled the electricity bill for the office area including the electricity for the deep water well with the Shangshui County Power Supply Company, Zhang Chuang again passed the electricity bill for the family area contracted by his personal contract to the hospital in the name of the electricity for the deep water well Reimbursement is made after the leader signs it.

After investigation, from May 2014 to August 2017, Zhang Chuang, the "electric mouse", falsely reported 21 electric charges for deep water wells and defrauded 513012 yuan of public funds. As a party member, Zhang Chuang used his work convenience to defraud state funds in a huge amount. His behavior was a serious violation of discipline and law. On July 24, 2019, at the Shangshui County Discipline Inspection Commission Supervisory Committee meeting, Zhang Chuang was decided to fire the party and expel public office. Criminal matters are transferred to the procuratorate to review and prosecute according to law.

Before being transferred to the judiciary, Zhang Chuang shed tears of remorse and said to the members of the task force: "To this day, I regret it. I am too greedy. I feel guilty and sorry for raising me. My parents, I ’m sorry for my family, and I ’m sorry for the unit ’s concern for my leadership. I hope that I can tell other colleagues in our unit that I must not repeat the same mistakes as I did and slide to the abyss of crime. ”

Due to the suitability of the case, every case will be changed. In response to Zhang Chuang's "stealing" electricity bills, the medical institution's management mechanism was inadequate, supervision was absent, staff members were weak in legal discipline, and their sense of responsibility was weak. Rectify activities, strengthen education, improve the medical staff's political quality and legal awareness, and through the case to promote the reform of 2,800 people received warning education, prompting the county hospital's former hospital director Liang and other 26 people to take the initiative to explain the problem to the organization, turn in violations of laws and regulations Fund 604,800 yuan; guide and help medical institutions to seriously find problems and loopholes in hospital business management, daily supervision, property audits, etc., and establish and improve rules and regulations and effective mechanisms to prevent corruption in key links and positions prone to corruption, and amend them 11 new systems were established; good political, disciplinary, and social effects were obtained in investigating a case, educating a group of personnel, and rectifying an industry. (Supervisory Commission of Discipline Inspection Commission of Shangshui County, Henan Province || Editor Zhang Yixin)

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