Can the "secretary secretary" manage the village as a business?

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"What the boss voluntarily gives is that he can look down on himself, respect himself, feel that he has face, and should give me the money and things." Driven by the willingness to send money and you would like to distort the values, a village secretary To lose face, but lose face, step by step towards the abyss of disciplinary violations.

From 2014 to 2019, Zheng Jiangfu, the former party branch secretary of Yangdun Village, Shuangta Street, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province, sought benefits for others in the village collective affairs management and village-level project management, and has illegally received and solicited money from others for a total of 203,000. yuan. In addition, it also repeatedly received gifts such as shopping cards, cigarettes, etc., equivalent to approximately RMB 18,450.

"Whether you have the ability to enter the heavens or have the 1981 transformation, you cannot escape the golden eyes of the party discipline and national law, and you cannot escape this sharp sword hanging in the sky." From the old days of power and money, you get today's people With no money, Zheng Jiangfu suddenly realized.

Make a call and send money voluntarily

Yang Dun Village is adjacent to the suburbs and has obvious regional advantages. Before Zheng Jiangfu took office, the village had good development conditions but was "sleeping." At this time, Zheng Jiang Fu was full of enthusiasm for bringing wealth to the people. "When I saw the slow development of the village, I also I want to integrate the concept of doing business for many years into the development and construction of the village by becoming the secretary of the village. "

In November 2013, Zheng Jiangfu took office as the party secretary of the village. With his smart mind, he flexed his muscles and developed Yang Dun Village from an ordinary village with a collective economy of less than 100,000 yuan to a wealthy village with an annual income of 1.5 million yuan. As the village secretary, Zheng Jiangfu felt very faced.

However, the ensuing aura also caused him to forget his original intention in the flattery of the followers of the interest group and slipped in front of power. "I never thought that after I became the village secretary, the benefits and benefits brought by power made me stubborn."

In the second half of 2014, earthmoving projects for building houses on the collective land in Yangdun Village were tendered externally. The project was implemented by the villager Zheng and a boss in partnership. In order to save costs, Zheng asked Zheng Jiangfu to help find a place to pile up the earth. Zheng Jiangfu came forward and contacted a company to help Zheng find a piece of land.

One day in the first half of 2015, to thank Zheng Jiangfu, Zheng gave 27,000 yuan to Zheng Jiangfu's wife. His wife advised him to return the money, Zheng Jiangfu verbally agreed to refund the money, but in the face of the temptation, he secretly ran out of money.

"After receiving the money for the first time, I felt that the money came easily, but I made a phone call and didn't help anything else." Zheng Jiangfu tasted the benefits of the village secretary's face, and then became obsessed with getting quick money.

In July 2016, Yangdun Village implemented an integrated light energy street lamp installation project. The villager Zheng Mou won a bid by a company represented by the project owner He Mou through improper methods and participated in the distribution of project profits. Zheng Jiang Fuming was aware of this, but also allowed He to participate in the bid and successfully win the bid.

After the completion, Zheng gave 40,000 yuan “thank you fee”. Due to the large number, Zheng Jiangfu initially returned to Zheng to avoid suspects. However, after Zheng Mou persuaded him, Zheng Jiangfu once again struck out. "The money that Zheng Mou sent was hoped to be accepted by himself. At the time, he was lucky and greedy and did not insist."

Want a face, collect money willfully

"As long as you work hard and manage and build the village environment well, and the people in the village are satisfied, you are a good village secretary." Under the influence of capable people, Zheng Jiangfu ignored ideological and political studies and buried hidden dangers.

The tempering people in the suburban villages also test people. As the village-level collective economy grows and construction projects increase, various power-derived benefits follow. In village affairs management and village-level project implementation, Zheng Jiangfu was caught in a circle of intangible power in his hands and gradually allowed to collect tangible money.

"I have done so many practical things for the village, and the salary I received for one year is not enough for daily expenses, and I have gradually developed a psychological imbalance. I also think of gaining benefits from these projects." Zheng Jiangfu was imbalanced and thought Make up with corruption. Therefore, in the construction of village-level public welfare projects such as the construction of the sun room project and the supporting project of the village parking lot landscape, Zheng Jiangfu came forward, called and gave others convenience, and he could collect money, fish, fields, tobacco, alcohol, Shopping cards, etc., as long as others send them, you have to collect them yourself.

Zheng Jiangfu takes the receipt of money and other things as a matter of course, and those who come do not refuse. Driven by this psychology, Zheng Jiangfu's violations of discipline and law are increasing.

In 2016, Yang Duncun began to build a new comprehensive property building. Before it was completed and accepted, it was rented by a company. In the first half of 2017, Zheng Jiangfu verbally agreed to submit the lease to the village committees for discussion, even though the new comprehensive Just after the building was completed, Zheng Jiangfu still took the iron to submit to the village to discuss and pass the lease. In order to thank Zheng Jiangfu for his sincere help, the company staff immediately sent 50,000 yuan, Zheng Jiangfu gladly accepted.

Later, when the comprehensive building was tendered for rent, the company did not win the bid. However, Zheng Jiangfu received the money with confidence. "Such a company doesn't care about this money." Zheng Jiangfu confessed that he had already helped and the money and goods sent should be Close.

Make a deal and pretend to pay back

Disciplinary and law-breaking personnel are to a certain extent similar. They work for others and take people's money, as is Zheng Jiangfu. Before things are done, they take the "commission" first.

At the end of February 2019, the head of a company asked Zheng Jiangfu to help with road traffic and send him "labor fees". Previously, the company implemented a project in which the construction vehicles needed to pass through the village road of Yangdun Village. The passage of large construction vehicles would damage the road surface and affect villagers 'traffic. Villagers' opinions were large and vehicle traffic was blocked.

Zheng Jiangfu couldn't ignore the "labor costs" and promised to help him visit the villagers again to do the work. "I have seen the money in the envelope but haven't counted it. The thickness is estimated to be about 10,000 yuan." Zheng Jiangfu confessed that he had always been daring when he collected the money and had reservations. If things are not handled, OK, should this money be collected? Zheng Jiangfu hesitated, never moving the money.

Nevertheless, Zheng Jiangfu went to visit the villagers' home that night. During the visit, Zheng Jiangfu felt that it was difficult to do the ideological work of the villagers. So the next day Zheng Jiangfu offered to repay the money, but he did not return it. Zheng Jiangfu never mentioned anything about repaying the money. Already. "I thought that if I did the job well, the money would not be refunded. If I didn't do the job, I might still pay it back, because it was a little uneasy to receive money." Later on, Zheng Jiangfu also paid attention to collecting money. He really took power as a "business" when he was in business.

The traffic delays have not been resolved, and Zheng Jiangfu has been dragging without refunding money. "Regardless of whether or not you can help with the passage of vehicles, there may be other things that this company needs to help in the name of the village secretary when the village project is implemented." At that time, Zheng Jiangfu mistakenly believed that he had a big face and received a face investment. However, Zheng Jiangfu did not expect to miss the opportunity to repay the money, he missed the opportunity for error correction, so that Zheng Jiangfu did not return the money before being taken a lien measure.

"Now I really regret why I didn't resolutely return the money." Zheng Jiangfu paid a bitter price for his fluke. On May 27, 2019, Zheng Jiangfu was expelled from the party. On July 12, he was sentenced to nine months in prison and suspended for one year and six months for bribery.

"As the village secretary, you must not do things that violate your conscience and collect ill-gotten wealth that violates your conscience, otherwise you will not sleep properly." Zheng Jiangfu confessed. (Yan Xinwen, Jiang Jixuan, Supervisory Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection || Responsible Editor Yang Yaling)

Editor-in-chief: Huang Jingtong_DW058

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