Ambulance changed 10 tires a year

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Not long ago, the Health and Health Committee of Longzihu District, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, formulated and improved the rules of procedure of the Party committee and related institutional documents for the construction of a clean and honest government, further standardized the procedures and requirements of the Party committee's deliberations, and clarified " The "three important and one big" matters are decided through collective research and discussion.

The reason for these measures is that Li Chunjin, the former director of the Lilou Township Health Center in the district, was investigated and punished. In March last year, when the second inspection team of the Longzihu District Party Committee carried out regular inspections of the second-level agency Lilou Township Health Center under the district health and planning system, the frequently appearing "tire" in the accounts caught the attention of inspectors. "Why is there a" tire "in this account? It's strange, I just saw it in another account ..."

“Two tires were replaced on January 20, 2015, two tires were replaced on June 29, two tires were replaced on July 4, and four tires were replaced on September 7.” After combing, the statistical results are startling: In less than a year, an ambulance at the hospital changed 10 tires!

In the statistics of tire reimbursement, the inspection team also found that the fuel expenses of the public hospital's official vehicles are quite strange: there are refueling cards to recharge, and cash reimbursement of fuel tickets, and some fuel tickets have a long time span, and there are also cross-year reimbursement settlement. Happening. Even more confusing is that the same car was refueled twice a day.

The inspection team followed the lead and found that other related problems existed in the hospital, taking the loopholes in the financial expenditure account as a breakthrough. The inspection team summarized the problem clues and related evidence one by one and transferred them to the District Discipline Inspection Commission Supervisory Committee for disposal. After investigation, the truth about the disciplinary and law violations of Li Chunjin and others became clear.

After investigation, in order to solve some inconvenient reimbursement expenses of the hospital, Li Chunjin arranged for staff Zhang Yong and others to borrow vehicle repairs to allow the auto repair factory to invoice more in the name of tire replacement. In addition, Li Chunjin also has violations of discipline such as using a unit gas card to refuel his personal vehicle for a long time.

In April 2019, Li Chunjin was fired from the party and dismissed from government affairs, and Zhang Yong was punished by the staying party for two years. (Correspondent Zhang Minsheng Dou Kai Li Suyan)

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