Student class chair metamorphosis

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The matching desks and chairs for calligraphy should be replaced by simple plastic stools. Photo by Weng Mingyong

"Mingming declared to purchase a calligraphy classroom chair worth 300 yuan each, but it was equipped with a plastic stool worth 10 yuan ..." In June 2019, after receiving the clue of "Anwen Elementary School's purchase of office materials in violation of procedures" , Chongqing Municipal Jiangjiang District Commission for Discipline Inspection immediately organized cadres to carry out inspections.

After checking, the investigators quickly discovered the “chaos”. In the renovation and reconstruction plan of the Anwen Primary School District, the school is committed to building a characteristic calligraphy school, thereby applying for the purchase of 26 sets of special desks and chairs for calligraphy. Tables and chairs are indeed replaced by cheap plastic stools.

How did the special seat purchased for purchase “shrink” into a cheap plastic stool? Where is this cost difference used? With questions, investigators continued to search for evidence.

When looking through the accounts and related materials, the investigators unexpectedly found that there were actually two different versions of the delivery list: one was a list of furniture originally planned to purchase, and the other had more unplanned items, a single person There are four sofas, one 2-meter-wide class table, and one double-deck coffee table ... After comparison, the investigators suspected that the fees of the student classroom chair that had been deducted were most likely used here.

"Please explain what happened to these two lists." The investigator challenged the principal Liu.

Faced with the sudden conversation, Liu replied with a flash of words: "I am not very clear about this matter, not what I specifically manage ..."

"The two lists have obvious discrepancies. The variety, quantity, and unit price are inconsistent. As the principal, you should know. Furthermore, changes to the procurement items are not reported to the superior and the procurement process has not been followed. This behavior has been suspected of disciplinary violations, please Tell the truth, "the investigator said seriously.

Faced with doubt, Liu could not avoid it and had to explain it truthfully.

It turned out that Anwen Elementary School originally planned to purchase calligraphy desks and chairs for students. This coincided with the school leadership office preparing to add office equipment. Liu wanted to eat all in one pot anyway, so the calligraphy desks were too large and placed in the classroom. No less excuses, dismantling the east wall to fill the west wall, and replacing the special calligraphy chair purchased for students with cheap plastic stools. In the meantime, in order to enjoy a better office environment, Liu also arbitrarily reduced the 15 sets of desks and chairs purchased for teachers to 10 sets. In this way, Liu finally "Teng Nuo" added 18,000 yuan to add office facilities such as sofas and coffee tables, and also upgraded the standard computer desk to a 2-meter-wide desk.

I thought that God didn't know that the ghosts would encroach on the welfare of students, faculty, and staff. Mr. Liu implemented government procurement policies to make changes and discounts. He adjusted the procurement contracts to reduce the conditions of office work for teachers and students, crowded out the school's public funds and improved the office conditions for members of the leadership team. A student desk chair "deformation meter" made the truth clear. In August 2019, the Supervision Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Qujiang District of Chongqing Municipality gave Liu a warning within the party and removed him from the post of principal, ordering him to make a written review at the district's education system cadre conference.

In order to better play the role of warning of negative textbooks, the Education Commission of Qijiang District carried out a web-based investigation on the disciplinary style of cadres in the education system, and searched for loopholes in the procurement of education system materials, engineering bidding, and student nutrition meals. Combined with the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”, relevant units are required to strengthen the ideological education of cadres and staff, carefully sort out the risks of a clean government, make a list of issues, and establish regulations, reforms, and reforms in time for the emergent sexual tendencies. Still fortunate, non-convergent behavior is determined and investigated in accordance with regulations. (Huang Jie)

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