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· 昔日英雄警察为何丧失底线 2020/01/03 Why the former hero police lost the bottom line
· 不翼而飞的信号塔租金 Signal tower rental missing
· "靠电吃电"的"老鼠"被抓了 2019/12/30 "Mice" caught "relying on electricity" was caught
· "能人书记"治村权力岂能当生意来打理? 2019/12/30 How can the "secretary secretary" manage the village as a business?
· 救护车一年竟换了10条胎 2019/12/26 Ambulance changed 10 tires a year
· 学生课椅变形记 2019/12 / 26Deformation of student classroom chair
· 损国有资财肥个人腰包 2019/12/25 Damaged state-owned wealthy personal pockets
· 违规补贴竟然发了23年 2019/12 / 25Illegal subsidies have been issued for 23 years
· 新建别墅成了棚改房 2019/12 / 25New villa becomes shed converted house
· 防线失守的恶果——湖北省黄石市人防办原党组书记、主任付晓林严重违纪违法案剖析 The consequences of the fall of the defense line-An analysis of Fu Xiaolin, the former party secretary and director of the Civil Defense Office of Huangshi City, Hubei Province
· 他成了任职地区政治生态污染源 2019/12 / 19He became the source of political ecological pollution in his area
· 禁毒大队长怎能为毒贩开后门? 2019/12/19 How can the Captain of the Narcotics Brigade open the back door for drug dealers?
· 两次谈话后 After two talks
· 该享受的补助金进不了账 2019/12 / 17Cannot receive the subsidy
· “消失”的渔船 12/16/2019 “Disappearing” fishing boat
· 突然离职失联的报账员 2019/12/13 Suddenly left the missing bookkeeper
· “小节”未守“大劫”难逃 2019/12/10 " Small section" can not escape without "catastrophe"
· 在一把手岗位上纵权纵欲 Indulge in power in the number one position
· 专项扶贫金成村干部“加餐费” 2019/12/06 Special poverty alleviation cadres in Jincheng Village "add meals"
· 忏悔录|文海:当初,我认为这事密不透风 2019/12/03 ConfessionsWen Hai: At the beginning, I thought it was impervious

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