4 counties (districts) of Hebei Province selected as national farmers' cooperatives

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Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the "Reply on the Pilot Program for Improving the Quality of Farmer Cooperatives in the Whole County" and identified 120 counties (cities, districts) and 8 municipal districts as pilot units for promoting the quality of farmers' cooperatives throughout the country. Among them, 4 counties (districts) of Zhao County, Chengde County, Ren County, and Feixiang District of Handan City were selected.

The approval requirements required that each pilot unit clarify the division of tasks, form a joint support force, strengthen policy coherence and matching, enhance the accuracy of support policies for farmers' cooperatives in poverty-stricken areas, strengthen the guidance and inspection of the pilot work, and ensure that all pilot tasks are fully completed on schedule. Each pilot should strengthen the tracking and scheduling of the pilot work, and carry out trials, summaries, and extensions to expand the pilot demonstration effect.

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