Luancheng Associated Press of Shijiazhuang City: "One Leads Four Strengthens" Project Stimulates New Vitality of Party Construction

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Hebei Communist Party Member Network (Reporter Cui Jianxiong) Since the launch of the theme education of "Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind", the Party Committee of the Luancheng Rural Credit Cooperative Union of the Shijiazhuang City of the Communist Party of China has combined itself with the requirements of the Party Committee of the Hebei Union Association and the Shijiazhuang Audit Center. In fact, guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, focusing on the general requirements of “keeping the original heart, shouldering missions, finding gaps, and implementing”, adhere to the political direction without yawing, establish “four consciousnesses”, and firmly “four "Confidence", resolutely implement "two maintenances", take "the grasp of party building, promote the development of strong compliance and adhere to the bottom line" as the working philosophy, integrate party building work with the central work, and innovatively carry out the "one leading and four strengthening" party building project, As a guide for political construction, we will integrate party building work with central work and business work, create a "party building +" model, and comprehensively promote various tasks to achieve innovative development.

Guided by political construction, quasi-political direction, solid political foundation

In order to prevent the blurring, dilution, and marginalization of the party building work, the Luancheng Associated Press Party Committee conducted intensive discussions by holding several meetings, expanding the topic of party building work, and training sessions for branch secretaries. The Socialist Party Committee attaches great importance to the Party branch secretary, the Party branch members attaches great importance to the grassroots party members. By unifying thoughts, clarifying responsibilities, pushing forward vigorously, and pushing the overall level of grassroots party building work to a higher level.

Luancheng Associated Press formulated the "Luancheng Associated Press Party Committee for Further Strengthening and Regulating Grassroots Party Construction Implementation Plan", setting up a party construction leading group, with the party committee secretary as the team leader, the disciplinary committee secretary as the deputy team leader, and other team members as team members. The group has an office. The director of the office is concurrently headed by the director of the party committee office. The branch secretary and full-time party staff are members of the office. They have a top-level plan, a middle-level transmission, and a fortress with an efficient and effective management and operation mechanism.

In the theme education, the leading group of the Associated Press Party Committee adhered to the above-mentioned rate, achieved the "four firsts", and grasped and grasped itself to lead the development of party building under its jurisdiction.

Regarding the "Four Strengthenings" as the starting point, we will steadily and steadily advance grassroots party building work to the next level.

Position construction is standardized, and the "ten" party member activity room is created. Focusing on the "ten has" standard, build a benchmark party branch, set a model, make a demonstration, and standardize the construction of positions. Organizational construction is standardized, and "there is no shortage of party members." The Associated Press Party Committee re-divided the party branch according to the actual situation. The party branch was increased from 12 to 27, and the by-election (re-election) was completed. Transfer of party members to credit unions without party members to make up for the gaps in party members. At the same time, a retired party branch was established to strengthen the management of retired party members and standardize the organizational life of retired party members. The study plan is standardized, and the "six" standard improves learning quality and efficiency. Clarify the key content of party spirit education for party members and cadres, formulate annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly plans, standardize record formats, prepare bibliographies, and establish and improve a long-term education mechanism for party members. The image of party building is standardized, and the "three sessions and one lesson" is institutionalized. The "Rules for the Implementation of the Party Construction of Luancheng Associated Press" was formulated to standardize the image of party building and regulate the content and rules of procedure of the "three meetings and one lesson" item by item.

Improve political leadership and do a good job of building leadership. The Luancheng Associated Press Party Committee has effectively implemented the party's leadership into the "one committee, three meetings and one level", and brought into play the role of the party committee in the corporate governance. Adhere to the "one-four-strong" standard and strengthen the organization's appeal. That is, good political character, strong business ability, strong ability to resolve contradictions, strong ability to do mass work, and strong leadership skills. The party committee secretary delivered themed party lessons for the party branch secretary on June 25 and August 27, respectively. By doing a good job of building the leader team of grass-roots party branches, set an example and give play to the "head goose effect" of leaders. To develop new temperament Party branches, adhere to the "two grasps", pay attention to "two-way training", and coordinate the team building and business work, so as to not only grasp the construction of party members, but also grasp the implementation of business work and not leave behind.

Strengthen method innovation, innovative characteristic activities, and promote overall classification

The Luancheng Associated Press Party Committee pays great attention to innovation, invigorating methods, and realizing the carrier. Through benchmarking and demonstration, it leads the party branch under the jurisdiction of the Party to implement and strengthen its party building work to achieve comprehensive advancement and overall improvement. To do a good job of "three activations", one is to revitalize the form . Through the combination of study, lecture, research and the branch party day activities, the third week of each month is a fixed party day, closely related to the theme of educational content, organizing the branch secretary to lecture the party, conducting study discussions, paying party fees, and democratic deliberations And volunteer activities, the theme party day is close to reality, and enhances the appeal, attractiveness, pertinence and effectiveness. The second is to invigorate the methods. Adhere to party building leadership, give play to the spirit of party members' pioneering models and dare to endure hardships, and combine party building with poverty alleviation. Each party branch subdivides the poor households in accordance with the subcontracting requirements of the Associated Press Party Committee. Party members subcontract one branch and the branch subcontracts a key village. Each party member subcontracts the poor households and visits the poor households on a regular basis. Precise help. The third is to invigorate the carrier. The use of various platforms such as learning to strengthen the country and WeChat to explore and establish an "Internet +" party building work carrier, promote online and offline integration, and enhance the effectiveness of party organization activities in the information age.

Strengthen the ability to perform duties, take the initiative to perform duties, and adhere to the red line of discipline

The Luancheng Associated Press Party Committee strictly implements the spirit of the eight central regulations and its detailed implementation rules, establishes and perfects long-term mechanisms, and consolidates the results of deepening work style governance. The first is to build a stronger sense of compliance. The party committee team played a leading role and took the lead in taking the lead to seriously study and implement the Regulations of the Chinese Communist Party on Disciplinary Actions and the Measures for Dealing with Misconduct and Misconduct of Employees of Rural Credit Cooperatives in Hebei Province. System, and resolutely implement the democratic centralized system, the collective decision-making system for major events, and the system for the supervision and supervision of major events. Sign case-by-case target responsibility certificates and compliance operation commitments, organize compliance classes, conduct compliance lectures, and invite inspectors of district inspection institutes to conduct special warning education training and compliance speech contests. Second, stricter construction of work style and discipline. Take the lead in studying and implementing the Chinese Communist Party ’s code of honesty and self-discipline and the Chinese Communist Party ’s disciplinary rules, respect the law and majesty, strictly abide by the financial system and tax policies, and consciously adhere to the bottom line of integrity. Clarify the management ideas of “converting thoughts, concepts, and styles with strong quality, strong execution, and strong implementation”, and vigorously promote the change of style and system implementation to prevent various risks.

The Associated Press has won the national-level "Send Financial Knowledge to the Countryside" publicity service station, the rural credit cooperatives in the province are the first to enter the grassroots party organizations, the 2016-2018 Hebei Rural Credit Cooperative Advanced Collective, and the Shijiazhuang Rural Credit Cooperative "do not forget Beginning with the mission in mind, the third prize of the theme education knowledge contest group and other glorious titles.

Only through "standardization of mechanisms, standardization of positions, and informatization of means" can we effectively improve the core motivation of grassroots party building. Li Zhenguo, Secretary of the Party Committee of Luancheng Associated Press said, "The grassroots party building is a magic weapon to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of all employees and an effective carrier and means to promote positive energy. We spare no effort to do a good job of party building at the grassroots level, upgrade and upgrade the position building, improve the quality of party members serving the masses, and lead the high-quality development of the Union with party building. "

Chief editor: Cui Jianxiong_DW010

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