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· “擦亮”河北制造外贸稳中提质 2020/01/02 "Polish" Hebei's manufacturing and foreign trade steady improvement
· 要把发展数字经济作为城市的新使命 2020/01 / 02To make the development of the digital economy a new mission for the city
· 国企运行效益提升今年前11个月利润总额增长5.3% 2019/12 / 27Improve the operating efficiency of state-owned enterprises
· 【深读周刊】河北零售下沉:小城生意热起来 2019/12/27 [Deep Reading Weekly] Retail sinks in Hebei: business in small towns is heating up
· 1至11月河北邮政行业完成业务总量494.4亿元 2019/12/19 From January to November, Hebei Post's total business volume was 49.44 billion yuan
· 河北省4县(区)入选全国农民合作社质量提升整地区推进试点 2019/12/19 4 counties (districts) of Hebei Province selected as national farmers cooperatives
· 石家庄市栾城联社:“一引领四加强”工程激发党建新活力 2019/12/13 Luancheng Associated Press of Shijiazhuang City: "One Leads Four Strengthens" Project Stimulates New Vitality of Party Construction
· 石家庄上榜中国十大夜经济影响力城市 2019/12 / 10Shijiazhuang is listed in China's top ten night economic influence cities
· 河钢集团将与韩国浦项钢铁公司联手开发高端汽车板市场 2019/12 / 10Hegang Group and South Korea's Pohang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. will jointly develop the high-end automotive sheet market
· 国际顶尖设计资源齐聚石家庄助力制造业创新 2019/11 / 28Top international design resources gather in Shijiazhuang to help manufacturing innovation
· 唐山加速打造全国新型化工产业基地 2019/11 / 28Tangshan accelerates the building of a national new chemical industry base
· 衡水移动“四步走”推进廉洁教育进班组 2019/11 / 20Hengshui Mobile "Four Steps" Promotes Integrity Education
· 到明年石家庄市高新技术企业突破1900家 2019/11 / 20- Next year, Shijiazhuang City's high-tech enterprises will exceed 1,900
· 总投资55亿元5G新能源产业基地项目落地唐山 2019/11/20 A total investment of 5.5 billion yuan 5G new energy industry base project landed in Tangshan
· 前三季度廊坊市技术合同成交额43.3亿元同比增长105% In the first three quarters of 2019/11/20 , the turnover of technology contracts in Langfang City was 4.33 billion yuan, an increase of 105% year-on-year.
· 衡水举办金属橱柜(智能安防)产业集群高质量发展峰会 2019/11 / 20Hengshui holds high-quality development summit for metal cabinets (intelligent security) industry cluster
· 河北将选拔约50家“专精特新”示范企业28日前可申报 2019/11 / 13Hebei will select about 50 "specialized and special new" demonstration enterprises to declare before 28th
· “双11”当天,河北省共处理2800余万件快递 2019/11/13 On the day of "Double 11", Hebei Province handled more than 28 million courier services
· 前三季度河北消费需求对经济增长贡献率超六成 In the first three quarters of 2019/11/03, the contribution rate of Hebei's consumer demand to economic growth exceeded 60%
· 进博会开幕在即河北企业参会踊跃 2019/11 / 03The opening of the Expo will soon be attended by Hebei enterprises

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