Hebei Huailai highlights political standards and develops party members

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Huailai News (Correspondent Huai Zuixuan) Since the beginning of this year, party organizations at all levels in Huailai County, Hebei have adhered to the problem-oriented approach, deepened the investigation of the development of party members, and laid the foundation for the party's advanced nature and purity.

The county has a comprehensive and strict political standard system, strengthened the political test, improved the access criteria for the development of political quality and the party membership reporting system, and submitted personal autobiography at the same time when submitting applications for party membership. Problems such as "joining the party with illness" and illegal "joining the party elsewhere" have occurred. Establish a system of joint political and judicial review for the development objects of “branch political review, pre-trial by the party committee, and organization of joint review”. Promote the system of full publicity in the process of joining the party, publicize the candidates of all links in the process of joining the party, accept the supervision of the party members and the masses, and expand the public's right to know and monitor the development of party members. Strict grassroots party committee member Baolian grassroots branch system. All branch committees and party conferences involving the development of party members must be guided by grassroots party committee members to prevent village party organizations from simplifying procedures and illegal operations in the development of party members. Implement a system of documenting the entire process of developing party members and a lifelong responsibility system, comprehensively standardize the documentary in 25 stages of the five stages of developing party members, clarify relevant responsible persons and managers, regulate the development of party member files, and strictly develop party member work responsibilities. For outstanding migrant workers who do not have a party organization in their work units, explore the implementation of the system of “two-way cultivation of homework party organizations with hometown party organizations and record-keeping links between hometown party organizations”. If the party organization where the household registration is located is effectively cultivated and the conditions are mature, the party organization can Develop into the party.

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