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General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions on the "Toilet Revolution", emphasizing the need to carry forward the spirit of nails and take targeted measures, one by one, one by one, and accumulating small wins is a big victory.

Hebei formulates a plan to promote shared toilets, requires commercial toilets, hotels, restaurants and other commercial service agencies to open toilets to the outside world, and guides and encourages non-confidential institutions, enterprises, and public institutions to open toilets along the street.

Although the public toilet is small, it affects people's livelihood. However, subject to many factors such as land planning, pipeline construction, management and maintenance, many cities have problems such as insufficient public toilets and unreasonable locations, which have caused inconvenience and embarrassment for people to travel. Adding public toilets in the densely populated main urban area also faces greater difficulties and costs.

Hebei formulated the "Three-Year Action Plan for the" Toilet Revolution "in Hebei Province's Cities (2018-2020). On the basis of newly built fixed and mobile public toilets, the effective supply of toilets will be increased through multiple channels, and commercial service institutions such as commercial streets, hotels and restaurants will be required The toilets are open to the outside world, and the internal toilets of non-secret authorities, enterprises and institutions along the street are encouraged to be opened to the outside world. The toilets that are open to the public can be uniformly planned, clearly marked, and listed for opening.

The implementation of the "Shared Toilet" in Hebei for two years, how effective is it? After the "open", what are the difficulties and block points? Did the masses really enjoy convenience?

Clear identification and listing are open, and the masses feel very convenient

Zhangjiakou Qiaodong District Government Service Center is located in the bustling commercial district, and the front door is always bustling.

Recently, Mr. Li, a railway employee who lives nearby, was on the way to the shopping mall across the road, and was suddenly anxious. He passed the Government Service Center, walked into the lobby on the first floor, and followed the internal directions to the toilet on the first floor.

"I saw a sign saying" The internal toilet is open to the outside "at the door, so I came in with confidence." Mr. Li said, "Don't look at the public toilets diagonally across the intersection, the distance is not very straight, and you have to wear several roads in the past; go to the mall Looking for a toilet inside, you have to go around. "

Since last June, the Qiaodong Public Toilet Management Office of Qiaodong District, in conjunction with the Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, has mobilized the internal toilets of social units along the street to open to the public.

"In the beginning, some units had concerns, but under the leadership of the party and government agencies, everyone agreed to try." Liang Degang, director of the Qiaodong Public Toilet Management Office, said.

Currently in Qiaodong District, a total of 90 public places, including shopping malls, star hotels, and administrative institutions, have responded actively and opened internal toilets. At the gate of the Qiaodong District Government Service Center, a blue sign "The internal toilet is open to the public" is hung in a conspicuous position, and the opening period is also marked. "After the toilet was opened, many people from the surrounding areas came, and they had to be cleaned almost every half an hour," said cleaner Zhang Xiuling.

Promote sharing, standardized management, and humanized service

Promoting "shared toilets" is not only as simple as listing and opening.

In addition to uniform installation identification, it is also important to promote standardization and refinement of daily management. Housing and urban management departments throughout Hebei have guided toilet management units to formulate a unified management and protection standard of "six without four, two nets, and one clear", that is, no overflow, no stool, no cigarette butts, no debris, no mosquitoes, and no odor. Clean the ground, clean the walls, clean the toilets, clean the surroundings, and provide water, electricity, and lighting; properly equip toilet managers to clean the toilets; improve assessment methods and strengthen publicity and guidance.

In order to provide convenient toilet services to citizens and tourists, the Urban Management Bureau of Handan Fengfeng Mining District promotes the use of green and environmentally friendly materials and advanced flushing technology, and evaluates the cleaning quality of toilets in open units from time to time.

Zhangjiakou Qiaodong District Government Service Center has specially constructed barrier-free ramps, covered them with non-slip blankets, and installed barrier-free facilities for the disabled in the toilets.

"After the toilet was opened to the public, the workload was heavy, but my monthly salary also increased by more than 100 yuan." Zhang Xiuling said.

Transform hardware, develop electronic maps, make toilets easy to find

The "shared" internal toilets are also a great test for the hardware facilities of each unit.

"The toilet facilities in some units are outdated, and it is difficult to carry more people for a while, so they need to be renovated and upgraded," said Zhang Huan, Urban Management Office, Department of Housing and Construction, Hebei Province.

The office building of the Zhangjiakou City Administration Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Division is a building built in the 1960s with outdated facilities. After the internal toilet is open, the sewer pipes are often blocked. To this end, the detachment invested 30,000 yuan to replace the old iron pipes with PVC pipes and renovated.

The reporter found in the interview that at present the "shared toilet" can only be identified by the sign at the door, and some people are not aware of it, resulting in the low utilization rate of the internal toilets in some units.

According to Zhu Weirong, director of the Urban Management Department of the Hebei Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, the provincial Department of Housing and Development is developing and promoting small programs such as "electronic toilet maps", and through the promotion of the Internet platform, to solve the problem of difficult toilets.

In Langfang, open the "Langfang Smart Public Toilet" applet and select "Nearby Public Toilets". The nearby public toilets are displayed densely on the screen. Different colors represent street public toilets or open toilets in social units. Click a public toilet at will, and the name, distance, address and other information of the public toilet are clear at a glance.

"The door of the toilet was opened, but the door of urban civilization was opened," said a tourist. (Reporter Zhang Tengyang)

Convenient Thinking (Reporter's Notes)

Everyone has "three urgency". Insufficient public toilets and unreasonable layouts are "growing pains" encountered by many cities. However, the central urban area is full of soil and gold, and the old urban infrastructure is generally aging and backward, and it is often difficult to build new public toilets.

The emergence of "shared toilets" has provided new ideas for treating this "stubborn disease". Under the premise of not affecting their own office and business, encourage the internal toilets of social units to open to the outside world, which not only reflects humane care, but also effectively fills the shortcomings of urban infrastructure, making cities more civilized and livable.

People need nothing trivial. The happiness of the general public in the city is often reflected in small things such as riding a car and using the toilet. It is undoubtedly the best portrayal of urban civilization to work hard on people's livelihood and let more people enjoy the sense of gain and happiness.

Editor-in-chief: Liu Di_DW087

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