Get out of the "routine" and talk about the truth

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Talking is an important form of the party's organizational life, an important method of democratic life within the party, and an important link to consolidate and enhance the effectiveness of the theme education results. To hold a special organizing life conference, we must adopt various methods to talk to each other, remind each other, improve communication, and set up a "link of hearts" between comrades.

Whether or not the thematic organization life can be held well can not be ignored. However, there are also a few party members who "scrolled", blew out of cannons, and engaged in "routines" during the talk, which affected the quality of the conversation. Let the talk of heart talk return to the true, truly play the role of condensing thoughts, encouraging fighting spirit and increasing motivation, we must jump out of the "routine", move the truth, tell the truth, show the true meaning, and play a role in curing diseases and saving people as "good doctors."

Prepare your homework with precision. Before a heart-to-heart conversation, you must grasp the situation of the person to whom the heart-talk is as comprehensive as possible, carefully analyze its ideological, emotional, and psychological state, and conduct a heart-to-heart conversation in accordance with the personality differences and problem characteristics of different subjects. Never talk about a heartfelt conversation as a "routine business", talk for the sake of conversation, and use "generic templates" to mechanically follow the process.

Sincerely caring for temperature. In a heart-to-heart conversation, leading cadres must not pose in a condescending and aggressive manner, talk with a stiff "talking style", lower their posture, stand on the comrade's stand, communicate with heart to heart, and guide the interviewee to actively open the "talk box" "Said in my heart.

The content is really powerful. Beat the drum to the point, talk to heart. It is necessary to abandon the "good old man" mentality, not to speak Mandarin, to use the courage to tell the truth, to tell the truth. It is neither out of nothing nor deliberately evasive. The irrelevant "small cricket" turned into a "great illness" that could not be cured by the medicine stone, making the subject's face hot, warm, and bright.

(Author: Organization Department, Xuzhou District, Yibin City, Sichuan Province)

Editor-in-chief: Liu Di_DW087

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