Grass-roots organizations
· 坚持“村为主” 强化村治理 2020/01/09 Adhere to "Village-oriented" Strengthen Village Governance
· 树好机关党建风向标 2020/01/09 Set a good weathercock for party building
· 河北乐亭加强区域化党建工作——畅通服务群众“最后一百米” 2020/01/07 Leting, Hebei strengthens regional party building work-unblocked service to the "last 100 meters"
· 吹响脱贫冲锋号 2020/01/06 Blowing out of poverty
· “三化”融合提升组织力 2020/01/03 Integration of "Three Chemicals" Enhances Organization
· 讲好中国治理故事 2020/01/03 Tell the story of Chinese governance
· 河北泊头村“两委”跟班学习强担当 2020/01/03 "Two Committees" in Botou Village, Hebei learn from their class
· “三化”融合提升组织力 2019/12/31 The integration of "three modernizations" enhances the organization
· 河北秦皇岛市:“五个全覆盖”提升党建工作水平 2019/12/30 Qinhuangdao City, Hebei: "Five Full Coverages" Raise the Level of Party Construction
· 强基固本筑牢坚强战斗堡垒——河北省扎实推动基层党组织建设 2019/12 / 30Strengthen the foundation and build a strong battle fortress--Hebei Province solidly promotes the construction of grass-roots party organizations
· 敞开大门述党建 Opening the door to discuss party building
· 河北怀来突出政治标准发展党员 2019/12 / 30Hebei Huailai highlights political standards and develops party members
· 河北秦皇岛市海港区建负面信息明录严监督 2019/12/30 Strict supervision of negative information construction in Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province
· 急群众所急烦事变暖事 2019/12 / 24Warm things anxious people warm up
· 跳出“套路”谈出真情 2019/12/24 Jump out of the "routine" and talk about the truth
· 河北丰宁:档案纪实严把发展党员关口 2019/12/24 Fengning, Hebei: Documentary records strictly guard development party members
· 把准班子建设“定盘星” 2019/12/19 The prospective team to build a "fixing star"
· 整改落实见真章 2019/12/19 See the real chapter for rectification and implementation
· 河北省委省直工委多措并举推动党支部标准化规范化建设 2019/12 / 18The Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Direct Working Committee take multiple measures to promote the standardization and standardization of the Party branch
· 紧紧扭住问题不放 Tightly hold on to the problem

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