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· 河北梆子大师田春鸟收徒仪式在石家庄举行 2017/07 / 07The ceremony of apprenticeship of Hebei Chunzi Master Tian Chunniao was held in Shijiazhuang
· 【纪录片】暴洪来袭——河北井陉“7·19”抗洪重建纪事 2017/07/07 [Documentary] Flash Flood Strikes- Chronicle of Hebei Jingying's "7 · 19" Flood Reconstruction
· 河北省第十二届人大五次会议在河北会堂闭幕 2017/01/13 The Fifth Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress of Hebei Province Closes at the Hebei Hall
· 河北省十二届人大五次会议各代表团认真审议两院工作报告 2017/01/12 Delegations of the Fifth Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress of Hebei Province carefully considered the work report of the two houses
· 政协河北省第十一届委员会第五次会议闭幕 2017/01 / 11The Fifth Meeting of the Eleventh Committee of the CPPCC Hebei Province Concludes
· “e众体育”河北全民健身公益平台正式在长城岭滑雪场试点启动 2017/01/11 "e public sports" Hebei national fitness public welfare platform officially launched in the Great Wall Ridge ski resort pilot
· 河北省第十二届人大五次会议举行第二次大会 2017/01/10 The Second Session of the Twelfth Session of the Twelfth People's Congress of Hebei Province
· 河北省十二届人大五次会议代表团认真审议政府工作报告 2017/01/09 Delegation of the Fifth Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress of Hebei Province Deliberates the Work Report of the Government
· 2017河北政协分会场讨论热烈为雾霾治理齐发言 2017/01/08 2017 Hebei CPPCC branch discussions enthusiastically addressed the management of smog
· 河北省第十二届人民代表大会第五次会议在省会河北会堂开幕 2017/01/08 The Fifth Session of the Twelfth People's Congress of Hebei Province opens in the Hebei Hall, the provincial capital
· 河北党网带你走进2017省政协会议现场 2017/01 / 08Hebei Party Network takes you into the scene of the 2017 Provincial Political Consultative Conference
· 逐梦残运会:体育给了我们“重生” 2017/01 / 04Dream Games: Sports give us "rebirth"
· 石家庄举行国学智慧大讲堂系列公益演讲 2017/01/04 Shijiazhuang Held a Series of Public Welfare Lectures on the Wisdom of Sinology
· 2016-2017河北省雪季系列活动在崇礼启幕 2017/01/03 2016-2017 Hebei Province snow season series kicked off in Chongli
· 河北冀华律师事务所为尊严众筹、向匠心致敬 2016/12 / 28Hebei Jihua Law Firm pays tribute to dignity, pays tribute to ingenuity
· 专访石家庄幼专驻平山县曹土沟村第一书记郑郁 2016/12/28 Interview with Zheng Yu, the first secretary of Shijiazhuang Youth College in Caotugou Village, Pingshan County
· 纪念毛主席诞辰——毛主席的哪句话让你印象最深刻? 2016/12/27 Commemorating Chairman Mao's Birthday-Which sentence from Chairman Mao made you most impressed?
· 爱心里的2016:盘点河北党网那些感人的瞬间 2016/12/232016 in my heart: take an inventory of the touching moments of Hebei Party Network
· 石家庄志愿者筹集善款8千余元助艺校贫困孩子温暖过冬 2016/12 / 20Shijiazhuang volunteers raise more than 8,000 yuan to help poor children in art schools to warm up in winter
· 河北党网“走基层、送温暖”活动为灵寿25名老党员送去慰问物资 2016/12/20 Hebei Party Network's "Going to the Grassroots and Sending Warmth" Event to send condolences to 25 old party members in Lingshou

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