Medical insurance payment deadline for urban and rural residents in Hebei Province extended to February 28, 2020

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Recently, the Hebei Medical Security Bureau and the State Administration of Taxation of Hebei Province issued a notice clearly stating that the centralized collection period of basic medical insurance premiums for urban and rural residents in the province in 2020 can be extended to February 28, 2020. Extend yourself after time. Newborns who comply with the national fertility policy can apply for basic medical insurance coverage for urban and rural residents throughout the year and enjoy basic medical insurance benefits for urban and rural residents.

According to reports, payers can pay through the WeChat public account “Hebei Tax”, WeChat “Urban Services”, Alipay “Urban Services”, mobile app “Ji Shiban”, portable self-service payment terminals, etc. Payment by way of household declaration; payers in remote areas can be collected by the agent in cash, and the agent pays through the method of virtual household declaration in accordance with the "double limit" regulations; 3. The bank signs a tripartite deduction agreement, and the tax authority provides a list of fees to the banking system, and the banking system directly deducts the fees.

From December 26 to 31, 2019, due to the reconciliation carried out by the taxation, social security, medical insurance, and treasury departments, the payment channels were closed.

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