Hebei Provincial Party Committee Network Information Office held the "Hebei Family Home Concentric Circle" event

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In order to continue to set off a new upsurge of learning and propagating General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thoughts on a powerful country on the Internet, to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the decision-making and deployment of the Provincial Committee, we must earnestly use " What to do, who will do it, how and when it will be done, and the "Four Doings" work method, solidly practice "Familiar with the Party and the country's guidelines and policies and laws and regulations, familiar with the status quo and development trends at home and abroad, and familiar with advanced regions. "Four Familiarity" basic skills of "Experiences and Practices, Familiar with the Actual Situation of Hebei". On the evening of December 27, the Provincial Party Committee's Network Information Office organized the "Hebei Family House Concentric" theme in the multifunctional hall of the government centering on the theme of building concentric circles on the Internet. Round "event. The leaders of the Office Zhang Jianping, Niu Landong, Li Jianxun, Xiong Hou, Chen Wansong, Cui Wenwu, and Zhang Pingping attended the event and gave new year greetings. Provincial Party Committee and Internet Information Office, affiliated institutions, National Computer Network and Information Security Management Center Hebei Branch, Hebei News Network, Great Wall Network, Hebei Communist Party Network and other news website cadres and staff participated in the event.

On the evening of December 27, the Provincial Party Committee's Cyberspace Office organized a "Concentric Circle of Jiwang Home" centering on the theme of building concentric circles under the Internet.

The theme of the event is clear and novel. The activities kicked off during the poem recitation of "The Concentric Circle of Jiwang" by all members of the leadership team. The poem recitation is based on the theme of practicing the online mass line and being a good "political moat" of the online capital. It recalls the struggle of the Internet Information Army in the main battlefield of the Internet in 2019, sounding the 2020 consolidation of the main position, adherence to the main battlefield, Fight the forefront of the charge. The content of the poem is closely related to work and morale. The poem states that "let the Internet space be clear and clear ... let the battlefield of the Internet, Kaige reverberate!" "Let the banner of the new era fly high on the Internet!"

On the evening of December 27, the Provincial Party Committee's Cyberspace Office organized a "Concentric Circle of Jiwang Home" centering on the theme of building concentric circles under the Internet.

The content of the event is colorful and related to the actual work. Participants went into the front line of work, carefully planned and created a number of lively art and cultural programs and other works that reflected the province ’s online information front line, “online mass line”, online promotion and management, and strengthened network security and informatization. The short video works are a retrospective summary of the past year's work and a new year's outlook. For example, "New Year's Eve of the Internet" sang songs and dances in the form of a flowery tune, expressing the desire and determination around the requirements of the central government and the key work of the provincial party committee, not forgetting the original intention, remembering the mission, and continuing to create a clear cyberspace in the new year. ; Essay "Internet Inquiry 365" wonderfully described typical cases in the implementation of the online mass line work; the village poverty alleviation task force reported on the effectiveness of the assistance through live video connections; "Run", "Sing a Folk Song to the Party", etc. The song adaptation program has pinned the expectation of a powerful country on the Internet and big data sharing, or reproduced the precious experience of the Provincial Party Committee's Network Information Office to assist Tibetan cadres to work and live on the plateau, etc., and promoted the main theme and filled with positive energy.

The comrades who participated in the event believed that the "Jiwangzhijia Concentric Circle" activity focused precisely on the work, highlighting the efforts of the Internet Information and Iron Army in accelerating the construction of a strong province on the Internet, helping the new era to fully build a strong province in the economy, and new actions and beautiful Hebei. Image, new achievements; show the spiritual appearance of the network letter team in literary and artistic form, clarify mission and tasks, emphasize job requirements, novel, interesting, and impressive, which caused a warm response in the network letter system. Everyone said that they should take this report exchange activity as an opportunity to learn from each other's strengths and learn from each other, and put them into a new journey in 2020 with a more hard-working attitude.

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