People in Hebei pay attention! These people have subsidies!

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Recently, the five departments including the Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department and the Provincial Education Department jointly issued the "Notice on Further Improving the Employment and Entrepreneurship of University Graduates in the Current Situation." It's about your employment, settlement, subsidies ... Come and see with Xiaobian ↓↓↓

These units and individuals in Hebei all have subsidies! See if you qualify?

● One-time employment subsidy + social insurance subsidy

For small, medium and micro enterprises that have not employed a college graduate within two years of graduation and have signed a labor contract with a term of more than one year and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the regulations, a one-time employment subsidy of 1,000 yuan will be given to each person. The basic endowment insurance premiums, basic medical insurance premiums, unemployment insurance premiums, and work injury insurance premiums actually paid by college graduates are given social insurance subsidies for the duration of the corresponding labor contract but no longer than 3 years (excluding the individual college graduates should pay section).

>> Water and electricity subsidies for rented properties

Support the construction of college students' business incubation bases, and implement the subsidies for water and electricity fees for rented properties in accordance with regulations in accordance with the number of entities settled and driving employment effectiveness.

>> Employment service subsidies

Education departments and colleges and universities in various places should timely release relevant information about college graduates to the society, and organize campus recruitment activities at different levels, categories, and industries. For employment and entrepreneurial services provided by public employment and entrepreneurship service institutions and universities, certain employment and entrepreneurship service subsidies will be given in accordance with regulations.

>> Employment Apprenticeship

Promote the implementation of the three-year youth apprenticeship plan, timely identify college graduates and unemployed young people aged 16-24 who are in need of apprenticeships, targeted employment apprenticeship units, develop high-quality apprenticeship positions, and do a good job of apprenticeship services to help them obtain positions Opportunity to practice.

The specific subsidy standards for employment apprenticeship subsidies are determined by the municipalities, the Xiong'an New District Administrative Committee, and the county governments directly under the provincial finance, but the highest does not exceed the local minimum wage standard.

For trainee units with a retention rate of more than 50% after traineeship, the trainee subsidy rate may be increased appropriately.

>> Social insurance subsidies

For college graduates who have not been employed within two years of graduation, if they apply for flexible employment, apply for employment registration, and pay social insurance premiums, a certain amount of social insurance subsidies will be given. The specific standards will be determined by each city, Xiong'an New District Management Committee, and the county directly administered by the provincial finance. , But the maximum is no more than 2/3 of its actual payment, and the maximum subsidy period is no more than 2 years.

>> Business training subsidies

For college graduates who have participated in entrepreneurship training during the school year of graduation, after the training is qualified, a maximum of 1,500 yuan in entrepreneurship training subsidy will be granted for successful entrepreneurship.

>> One-time business subsidy

For college graduates in the academic year of graduation and within 5 years of graduation, those who have started a business for the first time, obtained a business license, registered for employment, and operated normally for more than 6 months, will be given a one-time entrepreneurial subsidy at a subsidy rate of 5,000 yuan per entrepreneurial project.

>> Venue rental subsidy

In the year of graduation, college graduates start small and micro enterprises for the first time (excluding those who enter the entrepreneurial park and entrepreneurial incubation base) and register for employment, and rent a business venue or shop, within 3 years from the date of entrepreneurship, a maximum of 3 years shall be granted according to regulations. Venue rent subsidy.

>> Vocational training subsidy + living expenses subsidy

Incorporate college graduates with training needs into vocational skills improvement actions, match employment intentions and development needs in key industry areas, provide targeted training programs, improve professional skills and social adaptability, and give the highest possible compliance More than 2,200 yuan, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the urgent need for occupation (type of work) guidance directory up to 2500 yuan for vocational training subsidies.

Among them, college graduates who have filed poverty-stricken families, urban-rural low-income families, and zero-employment college graduates will be given living allowances during the training period.

>> One-time job subsidy

The scope of the one-time job search subsidy will be extended to qualified vocational graduates in secondary vocational schools (including technical institutions). The subsidy period will be adjusted from the current graduation year to the graduation school year, and the subsidy payment will be completed before the end of October of the graduation school year. Those who meet the requirements of private college graduates must ensure equal enjoyment of policies.

● A quick look at starting a business! Eligible up to 900,000 yuan

>> Apply for thesis defense with entrepreneurial achievements

Strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship education, and under the premise of meeting the requirements of the degree thesis specifications, allow undergraduates to apply for thesis defense using entrepreneurial achievements.

>> Relax conditions for applying for business guarantee loans

For university entrepreneurs who have obtained honorary titles at or above the municipal level and who have been assessed to have good credit by financial institutions, counter-guarantees are cancelled in principle.

>> Support college graduates to return to their hometowns

For those who meet the requirements to start a business in a poor village, they will be given priority to provide up to 150,000 yuan in venture capital guarantee loans up to 900,000 yuan.

● Release restrictions on the settlement of graduate towns!

>> University graduates, vocational college graduates, returnees

Restrictions on the settlement of college graduates, vocational college graduates, and returnees studying in cities and towns will be fully liberalized. The above-mentioned personnel can apply for permanent residence registration in cities and towns in our province with relevant academic credentials.

>> Xiongan New District and Langfang "North Three Counties"

Xiong'an New District and Langfang "Northern Three Counties" reasonably determine the settlement conditions for graduates of ordinary institutions of higher learning, graduates of vocational colleges, and returnees studying abroad.

● Attention colleges and employers! These acts cannot be done!

>> It is prohibited to include these in recruitment information

Strengthen the supervision of the recruitment behavior of employers and human resources service agencies, and prohibit the publication of recruitment information that contains discriminatory content such as gender and ethnicity.

Instruct employers to rationally formulate recruitment conditions according to the demand for recruitment positions, and provide equal employment opportunities to college graduates with the same educational background and different training methods.

>> These violations will be investigated

Improve the multi-department law enforcement linkage mechanism, seriously investigate and deal with illegal activities such as "black intermediaries", false recruitment, and illegal detection of hepatitis B projects, severely crack down on credit traps such as job hunting, employment, and entrepreneurship as well as illegal activities such as pyramid schemes and fraud, and protect colleges and universities in accordance with the law Graduate employment rights.

>> All colleges and universities must strictly implement the "four inaccuracy" regulations

It is not allowed to force graduates to sign employment agreements and labor contracts in any way, it is not allowed to link the graduation certificate and degree certificate issuance with the graduate contract, and it is not allowed to persuade graduates to sign false employment agreements on the grounds of account custody, nor is it allowed to post graduates. Certificates of internship and apprenticeship are used as proof of employment.

>> Human Resources Service Organizations

Do not participate in signing false employment agreements. During the signing of an employment agreement, the employer must not sign a false employment agreement, fail to obtain a false employment certificate, and may not arbitrarily breach the contract.

● New policies and benefits for grassroots employment

Encourage college graduates to find employment at the grass-roots level. For those grass-roots units below the county level in hard and remote areas who have completed their services and have passed the assessment, they can use the direct inspection method to select the best service for the township and township institutions in the service area.

● Initiated the pilot program of "education certificate + several vocational skill level certificates"

Encourage students in vocational colleges and applied undergraduate colleges to obtain multiple vocational skill level certificates while expanding their academic credentials, and expand their employment and entrepreneurial skills.

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