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· 河北省20项民心工程全部完成 2020/01/10 Completed 20 popular projects in Hebei Province
· 河北省获批开展地理标志保护产品专用标志使用核准改革试点 2020/01/10 Hebei Province is approved to carry out the pilot reform of approval of the use of special signs for geographical indication protection products
· 京张高铁太子城方向新增5对高铁列车 2020/01/10 5 pairs of high-speed trains will be added in the direction of Prince Edward City
· 河北这些高校被委以重任,祝贺! 2020/01/09 These universities in Hebei are entrusted with heavy tasks , congratulations!
· 2019年河北发放企业稳岗返还资金6.69亿元 2020/01/09 In 2019, Hebei will issue 669 million yuan to return funds for stable posts
· 河北高速交警将启动春运检查服务站 2020/01/09 Hebei Expressway Traffic Police will launch Spring Festival inspection service station
· 河北省新华书店晒新年书单 2020/01/08 Xinhua Bookstore in Hebei Province
· 河北自由贸易试验区下放11项省级行政许可事项 2020/01/08 Decentralization of 11 province-level administrative licenses in Hebei Pilot Free Trade Zone
· 河北省中药材产业协会成立 2020/01/08 Hebei Province Chinese Medicine Industry Association was established
· 凝聚起全面建成小康社会的河北力量 2020/01 / 07Hebei 's power to build a well-off society
· 20人(含群体)入选“时代新人·河北好人”2019年度人物 2020/01/07 20 people (including groups) were selected as the "newcomer of the era · Hebei good person" 2019 person of the year
· 河北发布通告:今年第一批食品安全抽检全部合格 2020/01/07 Hebei issued a notice: This year's first batch of food safety random inspections are all qualified
· 受降雪雾天影响,河北高速公路全部关闭 2020/01/06 Affected by snow and fog, all highways in Hebei will be closed
· 河北交警启动恶劣天气应急预案力保群众出行安全 2020/01/06 Hebei traffic police launched emergency weather emergency plan to protect the safety of people travel
· 让出行更便捷雄安新区将打造绿色智能交通系统 2020/01/06 Make travel more convenient Xiong'an New District will build a green intelligent transportation system
· 河北省首批职业技能等级证书在唐山颁发 2020/01/05 Hebei Province's first batch of vocational skill level certificates issued in Tangshan
· 中戏北影招生简章:中戏提高文化成绩北影扩招25人 2020/01/05 Chinese Opera Beiying Admissions Brochure: Chinese Opera Raises Cultural Achievement and 25 Students Enrolled in Beiying
· 石家庄:公园严禁遛狗、甩鞭子等行为,违者可罚2万 2020/01/05 Shijiazhuang: Parks are strictly forbidden to walk dogs and whip, and offenders can be fined 20,000
· “把脉”服务水平! 2020/01/04 " Take the pulse" service level! Symposium of enterprises in Hebei Province Government Service Center held
· 露天焚烧、大气污染……河北6县就这些问题被约谈 2020/01/04 Open burning, air pollution ... 6 counties in Hebei were interviewed on these issues

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