Press Conference of the People's Government of Hebei Province
· 河北全省城镇新增就业89.6万人 2020/01/06 New jobs in urban areas of Hebei Province
· 河北1至11月生产安全事故同比降15% 2019/12/31 Hebei's January to November production safety accidents fell 15% year-on-year
· 中共河北省委政法委员会新媒体中心揭牌成立 2019/12 / 31The new media center of the Political and Legal Committee of the Hebei Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China is unveiled
· 河北持续提升特困人员供养服务设施保障能力 2019/12/27 Hebei continues to improve the support capabilities of support services facilities for the poorest people
· 河北省首届冰雪运动会将于12月28日开幕 2019/12 / 27Hebei's First Ice and Snow Games will open on December 28
· 河北强力推进农村危房改造工作 2019/12 / 27Hebei strongly promotes the renovation of rural dilapidated houses
· 河北认罪认罚从宽制度适用率目前稳定在80%以上 2019/12 / 27Hebei pleads guilty and lenient system application rate is currently stable at more than 80%
· 河北省发布冰雪装备器材产业发展行动计划 2019/12/11 Hebei Province releases action plan for development of ice and snow equipment industry
· 河北发布支持生物医药产业高质量发展若干意见 2019/11 / 29Hebei issued several opinions to support the high-quality development of the biomedical industry
· 《河北省冰雪活动蓝皮书(2018-2019)》发布 2019/11/21 "Blue Book of Snow and Ice Activities in Hebei Province (2018-2019)" released
· 河北:六大攻坚行动做好秋冬季大气污染综合治理工作 2019/11 / 19Hebei : Six major actions to tackle air pollution in autumn and winter
· 第七届中国国际(河北)茶文化博览交易会将办细数七大亮点 2019/11 / 12Seven highlights of the 7th China International (Hebei) Tea Culture Expo
· 京津冀三地海关签署协同支持河北雄安新区建设备忘录 2019/11 / 07Beijing- Tianjin-Hebei Customs signed a memorandum to support the construction of Hebei Xiong'an New District
· 第三届世界冀商大会11月7日至8日将在衡水举办 2019/11 / 06The Third World Jishang Conference will be held in Hengshui from November 7th to 8th
· 2020年河北二级及以上公立医院实现现代医院管理制度全覆盖 2019/11/05 2020 Level 2 and above public hospitals in Hebei to achieve full coverage of modern hospital management system
· 河北省第七届惠民阅读周暨2019惠民书市将于26日启幕 2019/10 / 23The 7th Huimin Reading Week in Hebei Province and 2019 Huimin Book Fair will kick off on the 26th
· 河北2019年底确保33万农村贫困人口脱贫 2019/10 / 16Hebei ensures 330,000 rural poor out of poverty by the end of 2019
· 河北5位全国民族团结进步模范代表分享奋斗故事 2019/10 / 15Hebei 5 national model representatives of national unity and progress share the struggle story
· 第十七届中国吴桥国际杂技艺术节10月底开幕杂技盛宴将在三地上演 2019/09 / 26The 17th China Wuqiao International Acrobatic Art Festival opens at the end of October, and an acrobatic feast will be staged in three places
· 2019年中国农民丰收节河北庆祝活动发布 2019/09/20 Hebei Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival celebrated in 2019

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