Chai Hongru: a heroic commander

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71 years ago, Chai Hongru, commander of the 93rd Division of the Red Army, sacrificed violently in the battle. Xu Xiangqian, commander of the Red Fourth Army, said with a pity: "He is a heroic commander, it is a shame!"

Chai Hongru, also known as Chai Hongyu, was born on July 22, 1903 in Laodinan Village, Weicheng Township, Daming County, Hebei Province. Joined the National Revolutionary Army in 1928. Under the guidance of CCP underground member Wei Mengxian, Chai Hongru's political consciousness gradually improved, and he secretly joined the Communist Party of China in 1929.

On February 15, 1931, Chai Hongru assisted Wei Mengxian in leading the uprising of the two battalions of the 46th Division of the Kuomintang in Lu'an, destroying an enemy regiment and two brigades, joining the West Anhui Red Army, and joining the Red Fourth Army. After joining the Red Army, he successively served as the company commander, battalion commander, regimental commander, and chief of staff of the General Staff. In June 1933, he served as the commander of the 89th Division of the 30th Army of the Red Army of the Workers and Peasants of China. He led the troops to participate in the Battle of the Canal (County) and the Battle of Xuan (Han) and Da (County). Later, he participated in the "Six Road Siege" launched by the Fourth Front Army anti-KMT Sichuan warlord troops against the Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet Area. In the 11-month battle, Chai Hongru commanded the 89th Division and his brothers to fight in tandem, frustrating the offender many times. The enemy, achieved a major victory. Because of its outstanding performance, the 265th Regiment of the 89th Division was awarded the "Night Tiger Regiment" award by the Red Fourth Army.

In June 1935, Chai Hongru served as the ninety-three division commander of the 31st Army. In order to cover the safe transfer of the main force, he led a fierce battle with the enemy for seven days and nights in the famous mountains of Sichuan, and repelled the enemy more than ten times. The 274th Division of the Ninety-three Division won the title of "Night Attack Long Victory Army". After the Red Fourth Army and the Red Second Army met, Chai Hongru led the army to start the second long march with the central column. On July 2, 1936, he led a half regiment to defeat the enemy's interception at Maoergai, ensuring the victory of the main force. After the troops arrived in Yinzhou, Gansu, they were ordered to lead two long-distance raids to seize the strategically important town of Tongwei, annihilating more than 1,300 people, creating conditions for the three main forces to join Huining.

After the three main forces met, the Central Military Commission instructed the Fourth Front Army to cross the Yellow River to fight. In order to cover the troops crossing the river, Chai Hongru's office together with the 91st Division, on October 23, 1936, on the high mountain in the east of Huining City, gave the 75th Brigade of the 25th Division of the Kuomintang Guan Lin Recruitment Department a headache. The Red Army won time by crossing the river at Haw Par. On the 27th, the 93rd Division and two divisions set up an ambush in Manniupo, Huining County, covering the command of the Fifth, Ninth, Thirty, and Fourth Fronts across the Yellow River. Towards the end of the battle, Chai Hongru was shot in the head unfortunately and died with honour.

In May 1958, the remains of the Martyr Chai Hongru were moved to the Cemetery of Martyrs in Shandong and Hebei Province. In October 1986, at the 50th anniversary of the Red Army Houning, a majestic Red Army martyr monument stood in the hero's sweet water castle. The monument records the outstanding achievements of Master Chai Hongru and more than 100 Red Army martyrs.

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