Lu Shouchun: Red Army General who is not afraid of danger

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Former Red Army School of Chinese Workers and Peasants Lu Shouchun worked for

Lu Shouchun was born in Liudianzi (now Xiliuzhuang) in Fucheng County, Hebei Province in 1894. He was admitted to Yanjing University in 1927 and served as the student captain. Witnessing the current situation in China at the time, Lu Shouchun resolutely gave up his studies and voted with conscience, followed by Ji Zhentong, head of Feng Yuxiang's ministry, to Fujian. In 1928, he was selected to be delivered to the Fujian Wushu Hall. After graduation, he worked as a staff officer in the Pistol Brigade of Feng Department. In the second half of 1930, he served as the head of the first regiment of the 14th Division of the Feng Department. Soon, he served as the commander of a battalion and a battalion of the 74th Brigade of the 25th Division of the National Revolutionary Army.

On December 14, 1931, more than 17,000 officers and men of the 26th Army held the Ningdu Uprising, and wrote a glorious page in the history of the Chinese revolution. In the initiation and progress of the uprising, Lu Shouchun was one of the active participants and backbones. He ran between the Central Military Commission and the 26th Army. He participated in secret meetings many times and accomplished the tasks entrusted by his superiors. After the uprising, the 26th Army was reorganized into the Fifth Army of the Red Army of China's Workers and Peasants, and Lu Shouchun served as the commander of the 43rd Division of the Red 15th Army. In January 1932, Lu Shouchun joined the Communist Party of China.

In a difficult environment of struggle, Lu Shouchun always believed in the victory of the revolution. He once said to others, "In less than ten years, the revolution will develop in our hometown!" He also said, "To get there and split the fields, our village must set up my family first!" After joining the party, he demanded himself more strictly. In accordance with the Party's instructions, strengthen the education and transformation of the old army, and lead soldiers to fight in a new attitude. He has participated in the battles against Zhangzhou and Chaozhou successively, and has been charged in battle. He is brave and fearless, and has demonstrated extraordinary military abilities.

Lu Shouchun takes the overall situation into consideration, and the Party's interests are the most important thing at all levels. He never considers personal gains and losses and safety. Half an hour before the departure of the Long March in October 1934, he received an order to work in the Soviet area and readily accepted the task. In a cruel environment, together with other leading comrades who stayed in the Soviet area, he shared the hardships and sufferings with the majority of soldiers. With a tenacious revolutionary spirit, he persisted in the armed struggle in the Soviet area. Embark on the journey of the Long March.

In 1935, Lu Shouchun and his troops met with the Kuomintang troops in Ruijin County, Jiangxi. He led his troops to resist heroically, but due to the disparity in strength, Lu Shouchun died violently in the battle.

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