New Year in the trenches of the Battle of Pingjin

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From November 29, 1948 to January 31, 1949, during the battle of Pingjin, I served as the company commander of the machine gun company in the 19th Corps of the North China Field Army and spent a Chinese New Year and Spring Festival in the trenches of the Pingjin battle.

In late December 1948, after three days of rapid march, our army came to the Sanggan River and surrounded Zhangjiakou's new security enemy 35 army with a rigorous fact. The enemy became the enemy of the enemy. Our army temporarily surrounded and did not fight, braving the enemy's bombing, digging trenches, digging shelters, repairing bunkers, building fortifications every day and night, and preparing to attack. In minus ten degrees Celsius, the soldiers clung to the trenches, eating, sleeping, chatting, playing poker, living in trenches for more than half a month, and spending the New Year in the trenches.

The new security enemy's defense is very tight, with a dozen-meter-high fence, hoe, duokou and countless turrets and gun holes. After a long period of preparation, our army occupied all the outer positions on December 21. At 7 am on the 22nd, our army launched a general attack on the new security enemy forces, concentrating all artillery fire to suppress the defenders and bombarding the city wall. 156 artillery fired at the new security east gate, firing more than 8,000 shells in just five minutes, and falling like a raindrop on the enemy's 35 positions around 100 meters. A round of artillery shells exploded on the wall, shaking the frozen ground. After a full hour of shelling, our army completely destroyed the enemy fortress on the new security city wall, destroyed the enemy's firepower point, the new security wall of 12 meters high was bombarded with a gap, and the red flag of victory was high on the city tower. Flutter. At the same time, tens of thousands of warriors in our army braved the rain of guns and forests and stormed into the new security city from the east gate, south gate, southeast corner, etc., and started fighting with the enemy in street lanes. At 4 pm, our army broke into the 35 army headquarters after paying a huge price. Enemy Lieutenant General Guo Jingyun saw that the situation had gone and committed suicide by raising a gun. On the same day, the new security battle ended successfully, killing more than 3,000 enemies, capturing more than 12,600 people, and seizing 164 artillery pieces, more than 5,500 guns (rare), 377 cars, 6 radio stations, and a large number of other military supplies.

The new security campaign not only defeated the 35th Kuomintang army, but also kicked off the Pingjin campaign.

After the new security battle, we turned to Datong, Zhangjiakou and other places, and finally came to Changping County, 25 kilometers north of Peiping (now Beijing), and surrounded the city of Peiping with brothers. Here, as in the new security, we dug trenches and repairs day and night, and spent more than ten days in trenches. We also spent the Spring Festival in trenches. On the New Year's Day, we ate millet rice and pork dishes. Instructor Li Yuejin stood on the trenches and said to us: "Today is the first day of the new year, a day for family reunion. In order to defeat Chiang Kai-shek, we have a new year in the trenches, don't have any fun. Don't forget to fight in the New Year, this is called fighting New Year Make no mistakes. "Everyone was full of energy, ready to fight. Later, in the peaceful liberation of Peiping, we all jumped out of the trenches to celebrate victory.

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