Party history in Hebei_Hebei Communist Party members
· 河间县城解放经过 Liberation of Hejian County
· 冀热辽子弟兵进军东北 2020/01/07 Jire Liao children march northeast
· 冀中解放第一城——肃宁 2020/01/06 The First City of Liberation of Hebei Province -Suning
· 抗日烽火燃冀东 2020/01/06 Anti-Japanese flames ignite Jidong
· 季振同:光明磊落的兵暴领袖 2020/01/03 Ji Zhentong : Bright and downright leader of military violence
· 赵博生:宁都起义主要领导人 2020/01/03 Zhao Bosheng: Ningdu Uprising Leader
· 台儿庄战役中的武术家张之江 2020/01/02 Zhang Zhijiang, a martial artist in the Battle of Taierzhuang
· 挂云山六壮士 The six strong men of hanging clouds
· 柴鸿儒:英勇善战的指挥员 2019/12/27 Chai Hongru: a heroic commander
· 卢寿椿:不畏艰险的红军将领 2019/12/27 Lu Shouchun: Red Army General who is not afraid of danger
· 在平津战役的战壕里过新年 New Year in the trenches of the Battle of Pingjin
· 晋察冀军区有个抗日“和尚连” 2019/12/24 There is an anti-Japanese "monk company" in Jinchaji Military Region
· 杨景山:大节不辱的革命先驱 2019/12/23 Yang Jingshan: a revolutionary pioneer who will not be disgraced
· 王锡疆:保定党组织创始人 2019/12/23 Wang Xijiang : Founder of Baoding Party Organization
· 解学海:献身事业的农运领导人 2019/12 / 19Xie Xuehai: Dedicated Peasant Movement Leader
· 邓培:名垂青史的工运先驱 2019/12/19 Deng Pei: a pioneer in the history of the Labour Movement
· 谷雄一:热血青年以身许党 2019/12/19 Gu Yuyi : Hot-blooded youth promises the party
· 《救国报》:冀东抗战一面旗 2019/12/18 "Salvation of the Nation ": a banner of the East Hebei War
· 回民支队纪事 Chronicle of the Hui People's Detachment
· 铁帽子五连 Five consecutive companies with iron hats

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