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Some of the existing houses in our unit are open for rent to the society. Please consult with interested units or individuals and participate in the open auction. The relevant situation is announced as follows:

I. The situation of renting houses

The detailed address of the leasing house is: Jindi Commercial Building, west of Huaye Decoration Market at the intersection of Xinhua Road and Shooting Range Street.

There are 4 bidding houses open for rent.

1. The subject of A is: the entire third floor of the office building of Jindi Commercial Building, a total of 24

With a construction area of approximately 1,65.964 square meters.

2. The subject of B is: the entire 4th floor of the office building of Jindi Commercial Building, with a total of 24 rooms, with a construction area of approximately 1697.38 square meters.

3. The subject of C is: the entire 5th floor of the office building of Jindi Commercial Building, with a total of 11 rooms, with a construction area of approximately 1075.17 square meters.

4. The object of D is: the entire 9th floor of the office building of Jindi Commercial Building, with a total of 11 rooms, with a construction area of about 1088.91 square meters.

The above floor area data is for reference only, subject to the actual situation on the ground.

2. Conditions for Participating in Rent Competition

1. The industry engaged by the bidding competitor must comply with the regulations and requirements on safety, health, environmental protection, municipal administration, etc., and are not allowed to engage in industries that conflict with regulations such as production safety, health and epidemic prevention, and environmental protection;

2. Long-term stable leasing industries such as financial industry (banking, securities industry, insurance industry, trust industry, fund industry, investment company, finance company, etc.) and educational institutions (private education, tutoring courses, etc.) are preferred.

3. Notice to Participants

1. Duration of the lease: jointly negotiated. Calculated from the date of signing the lease agreement;

2. Method of bidding for rent: You can bid for one bid, or you can bid for multiple bids publicly; under the same conditions, the original tenant can bid on the principle of priority.

3. Method of payment: Pay in accordance with the principle of "pay first and use later", as stipulated in the "Rental Agreement on the Use of Houses";

4. Security deposit: The renter must pay the security deposit when registering. After the end of the rental competition, the unreserved security deposit was refunded on the spot. The bid security deposit is not refundable after the bidder's successful bidding. If the bidder pays the rent, performance bond, water and electricity fee deposit and other related costs in accordance with the "Lease Contract for the Right to Use the House," the bid rental deposit is used as a performance bond The corresponding deduction will be made when the performance bond is paid); if the bidder does not pay the rent, performance bond, water and electricity deposit as stipulated in the "Lease Contract for the Right to the Use of the House", the security deposit will not be refunded, and the unit shall be compensated for all loss.

5. Auction rent reserve price and deposit: negotiate in person.

6. Competitor's subject qualification: legal person, other organization with independent ability to bear civil liability, or natural person with full capacity for civil conduct.

7. Registration time and place: August 28, 2017-September 30, 2017. Room 213, Mingyue Provincial Office Building, No. 75 Shifan Street, Shijiazhuang Bridge West District.

8. The bidder should submit to the renter when registering:

副本 A copy of the business license and its photocopy (with the official seal), the identity certificate of the legal representative and its photocopy, and the natural person must provide the ID card and its photocopy.

⑵ If you entrust others to act on your behalf, you must submit a power of attorney and an agent's ID card and a copy of it.

9. Contact information

Contact address: Room 213, No. 75 Mingyue Provincial Office Building, Shifan Street, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City.

Contact: Wu Wenfeng

Phone: 0311—87902081 / 13703319559

Editor-in-chief: Super Administrator

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