Chinese delegation goes to the 45th World Skills Competition

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From August 22nd to 27th, the 45th World Skills Competition will be held in Kazan, Russia. On August 16th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs held a pre-departure mobilization meeting to cheer off the contestants, technical guidance experts, and translation team who were about to go out. According to reports, the Chinese delegation will send 63 players to participate in all 56 events.

The most complete, largest, and strongest lineup in China

This is the fifth time for our country to participate in a group competition. The Chinese delegation consisted of 210 players, experts, translators, and staff, including 63 contestants, 54 male players and 9 female players.

"This is the most complete competition, the largest scale and the strongest lineup since our participation in the World Skills Competition." Zhang Lixin, Director of the Professional Capacity Building Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that China has joined the World Skills Organization since 2010. , Has participated in four consecutive World Championships, from participating in 6 projects for the first time to participating in 47 projects for the fourth time, the scale of participation has gradually increased, this time the first time to achieve full coverage of participating projects.

Zhang Lixin said, "China's complete industrial system is the core foundation for the Chinese delegation to achieve full coverage of participating projects."

The average age of this year's contestants is only 21 years old. Yao Jin, the youngest player in the cloud computing project, is less than 18 years old, but compared with previous contestants, the overall level of players has improved. In this regard, due to the diversity of the player team, more and more college students have joined the World Series. This time, there are 63 players, 7 enterprise worker contestants, 14 teacher contestants, and 42 student contestants. Among them, 9 are from undergraduate colleges, 2 are from vocational colleges, and 5 are from vocational schools. Colleges, 24 from technical colleges and 2 from vocational training institutions. On the other hand, thanks to 4 competitions and observation competitions, China has gradually formed a scientific training selection and competition mechanism system, coupled with the continuous improvement of the level and quality of vocational skills competitions and vocational skills training in China, the overall strength of players is generally has seen an increase.

Strive for the gold medal list and medal list to continue to enter the "first square"

What is the goal of the Chinese delegation this time?

"Secure the card and fight for gold!" Said Wei Guofa, a contestant of the information network wiring.

This is also the expectation of the Chinese delegation for the 45th World Skills Competition. "Our goal is to strive for the gold medal list and the medal list to continue to enter the 'first square'." Zhang Lixin said.

Thanks to the experience of the previous four sessions, China has formed a complete system of preparing for the race-the effect of strengthening training is obvious, and the understanding and grasp of the rules is more accurate. A series of international warm-up confrontations improve the ability of players to adapt to various environments. From the perspective of specific competition projects, the Chinese delegation hopes to continue to win medals in traditional superiority projects, especially in welding, CNC milling, automotive painting and other projects. It also has the ability to win the championship, and some newly added competition projects also have the opportunity to win.

At the same time, we must see that the competition in this World Championship is even more intense. A total of 1355 players from 69 countries and regions participated in the World Championship this year, and the number of participants increased again.

The Chinese delegation will fly to Kazan on the 17th. According to the competition schedule, the opening ceremony will be held at 19:30 local time on the 22nd; the official competition day will be held on the 23rd to 26th; the closing ceremony will be held at 19:30 on the 27th. At the closing ceremony, a flag transfer ceremony will also be held. Shanghai, China, as the host city of the 46th World Skills Competition, will take over the flag, at which time the World Championship will start "Shanghai Time".

Encourage the whole society to create an atmosphere of respect for labor and skills

"The ultimate goal of our participation in the World Skills Competition is to hope to create a good atmosphere of respecting labor and advocating skills in the whole society by releasing the social catalytic effect of competition work." Zhang Lixin said.

The World Skills Competition represents the most advanced concepts and technical standards in the field of vocational skills. By participating in the competition, digesting and absorbing the most advanced technical standards, and then nurturing and improving domestic skills training methods, it is of great significance to improve the level of training of technical skills in China . Doing a good job in skill training and strengthening the skills team will help improve the basic capabilities of the industry and the level of the industry chain. At the same time, the World Skills Competition is also a weathervane for global skills development. With the inclusion of chemical laboratory treatment, water treatment, and network security projects into the World Championship, the connotation of skills is changing. Skills are no longer in the traditional sense of riveting, welding, turning, pliers, etc., and their extension is expanding.

According to reports, in the future, China will learn from the model of the World Skills Competition and continue to carry out large-scale professional skills competitions.

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