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· 全国农村贫困人口去年减少1109万人 2020/01/25 Nationwide rural poverty reduction by 11.09 million last year
· 商务部紧急协调落实口罩等货源200多万只 2020/01/25 The Ministry of Commerce urgently coordinated the implementation of more than 2 million supplies such as masks
· 农历庚子鼠年有个“闰四月”年长384天 2020/01/25 There is a "April April" in the Lunar Calendar
· 全国多城扩大禁放范围违规者面临罚款 2020/01/24 National multi-city expansion of ban on offenders faces fines
· 第三届冬青奥会落下帷幕中国获3枚金牌 2020/01/24 The 3rd Winter Olympic Games ends, China wins 3 gold medals
· 2019治污成绩单出炉京津冀空气质量改善 2020/01/24 2019 Pollution Control Reports Released, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Air Quality Improvement
· 中国首例商用磁浮2.0版列车时速突破140公里刷新纪录 2020/01/23 China's first commercial maglev version 2.0 train hits a record speed of 140 kilometers per hour
· 体温检测列车消毒多地全力防控新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情 2020/01/23 Body temperature detection train disinfection in various places to prevent and control new coronavirus pneumonia
· 中央纪委国家监委通报9起“四风”问题典型案例 2020/01/23 The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission have notified 9 typical cases of the "four winds"
· 第二批国家“团购”药32个品种采购成功,100个产品中选 2020/01/22 The second batch of national “group purchase” medicines successfully purchased 32 varieties, and 100 products were selected
· 财政部:2019年国有企业总收入超62万亿同比增长6.9% 2020/01/22 Ministry of Finance: The total revenue of state-owned enterprises in 2019 exceeds 62 trillion, an increase of 6.9% year-on-year
· 全国双拥工作领导小组等向全国双拥模范致慰问信 2020/01/22 A letter of condolence to the national dual support model
· 6省区市发布经济运行成绩单:高质量势头强劲 2020/01/21 6 provinces, regions, and cities release economic performance transcripts: high-quality momentum is strong
· 人社部:鼓励事业单位科研人员创新创业 2020/01/21 Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences : Encourage scientific research personnel of public institutions to innovate and start businesses
· 多部门联合实施生态修复长江水域生态环境 2020/01/21 Multi-sector joint implementation of ecological restoration of the Yangtze River waters
· 以全面从严治党新成效推进国家治理现代化 2020/01/20 Promote the modernization of national governance with new results
· 春节期间要消除消防安全隐患 Hidden fire safety hazards during the Spring Festival
· 今年我国在部分地区领域禁限部分塑料制品生产销售 2020/01/20 This year, China will restrict the production and sales of some plastic products in some areas
· 交通运输部谈新ETC收费等问题:全面整改便利出行 2020/01/19 Ministry of Transport discusses issues such as new ETC charges: comprehensive rectification to facilitate travel
· 思政课要聚焦价值塑造 2020/01/19 Ideological and political lessons should focus on value shaping

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