Shijiazhuang submits "transcripts" for people's livelihood in the field of residential construction in 2019

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On the morning of December 30, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government Information Office and the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau jointly held a press conference on the completion of key housing construction tasks. The picture shows the conference site. Photo by reporter Wu Peiyuan

Hebei News Network, December 30 (Reporter Wu Peiyuan) This morning, it was learned from a press conference jointly held by the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government's Information Office and the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau that in 2019, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau will actively solve problems for the people, It has achieved remarkable results in five aspects: shantytown reconstruction, urban village reconstruction, old community management, opening of broken ends and parking lot construction.

● 16,000 housing units were relocated to the construction shed, and 14,000 units were basically completed

According to the national and Hebei province's shed reform work tasks in 2019, the “Shijiazhuang City Safeguarding Housing Project Work Plan” was formulated to scientifically decompose the annual reconstruction tasks, and signed target responsibility letters with counties (cities and districts). Objectives are required to be clear; arrange personnel to subcontract shantytown renovation projects in all counties (cities, districts), timely grasp the progress of the work, help coordinate and solve various problems, and regularly supervise the work of each county (city, district) in groups.

In 2019, Shijiazhuang City's shed reform task is to start 15,000 new units, and basically build 12,000 units. At the end of October, the city exceeded the annual reconstruction task ahead of schedule. A total of 16,000 housing sheds were relocated and 14,000 were basically completed.

● All 161 villages in the city started their renovation work

Shijiazhuang Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau adheres to the principle of resettlement housing construction in advance. If the construction of resettlement housing is not started, the corresponding commercial housing development and construction will not be carried out to ensure that the people will move back as scheduled. Strictly follow the laws and regulations in accordance with the procedures, and strictly implement the approved plan, and resolutely put an end to illegal construction. Strict supervision, in accordance with the assessment indicators of Hebei Province, to supervise the reconstruction of urban villages in the city, to conduct timely research on the problems found in the supervision; to inform the slow progress of units; to promote and communicate fast progress and good results.

There are 161 urban villages listed in the three-year action plan in 2018 and 2019. Up to now, all the tasks have been completed and completed; the physical resettlement of 29.3 million square meters, the construction of 27.6 million square meters, the operating rate of 94%.

● 568 old community renovation tasks completed

Earlier this year, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau reviewed the remediation content of 568 old communities in the city, formulated a remediation implementation plan, and clarified the task list, time nodes and funding arrangements. In order to speed up the work progress and ensure the rectification effect, eight supervision groups were set up to supervise the reconstruction of the 568 old communities included in the reconstruction task for 2019, and urged the county and urban areas and relevant units to make corrections in accordance with the problems found.

As of the end of November, the renovation tasks of 568 old communities had been completed, involving a total of 3,096 buildings, an area of 12.51 million square meters, 150,000 households, and a total investment of 1.56 billion yuan.

● Through 13 broken roads in the urban area, overfulfilled tasks

Opening 10 broken roads in the urban area is the task determined by Shijiazhuang City this year. Shijiazhuang Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau actively docked and actively coordinated the government of the district to solve the problems of land acquisition and relocation affecting the project construction, and fully promoted the land acquisition and demolition work to ensure that the construction unit entered the site in time for construction. In project construction, dispatch and supervise the construction unit to formulate plans scientifically, decompose and implement responsibilities, invert the construction period of nodes, and ensure that construction tasks are completed as scheduled.

So far, Lianshifeng, Cangsheng Road (Liucun West Street-Nanfang Street), Jinshi Street (North Second Ring Road-Fengshou Road), Shixiao Street (Mianhe Road-North Second Ring Road), and Yuanxi Street (Zhongshan) have been opened. Road-Yuhua Road), Mianhe Road (Jinshui Street-Jinming Street), Cangyu Road (Jianhua Street-Yuning Street), Huihua Road (Yuzhi Road-Jiantong Street), Huacheng Street (Shiqiao West Street) -Shiwu South Road), Changyu Road (Textile Street-Yucai Street), Guomian Road (Textile Street-Yucai Street), Huihua Road (Jianshe Street-Qingyuan Street), Textile Street (Guanghua Road-Heping Road), etc. 13 decapitated roads, exceeding the task.

● 153,000 new parking spaces in the main urban area, effectively alleviating "difficult parking"

In accordance with the arrangements of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau successively drafted eight management measures including the "Implementation Opinions on Relieving" Difficulties in Parking ", and basically formed a policy system to ease parking difficulties. The parking facility supply structure is “mainly equipped, supplemented by public parking, supplemented by on-street”, and the construction of parking lots is strongly promoted.

Since the beginning of this year, 153,000 new parking spaces have been completed in the city's main urban area, which has exceeded the annual task. Among them, about 132,000 parking spaces have been constructed; more than 16,000 parking spaces have been planned in conjunction with the reconstruction of old communities; new or renovated Public parking lots such as the underground parking lot in front of the old train station square, the parking lot under the South Yanqiao Bridge of Zhonghua Avenue, 6 hospital parking lots, 5 passenger station parking lots, etc., adding about 5,000 parking spaces, effectively improving public parking Experience.

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