Zhangjiakou: All sectors of society celebrate Beijing-Zhanghai high-speed railway officially opened

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The picture shows a banner for Prince Chongli City Station to celebrate the opening of the Beijing-Zhanghai High-speed Railway Chongli Railway. Photo by reporter Geng Hui

Hebei News Network, December 30 (Reporter Gao Zhenfa, correspondent Yushun of Correspondent Yuan) This morning, the Beijing-Zhanghai high-speed railway was officially opened for operation. Huailai, Xiahuayuan, Xuanhua, Chongli, and cadres from all walks of life in Zhangjiakou City sang and danced, celebrating this long-awaited moment.

The picture shows the scene of the opening ceremony of the Beijing-Zhanghai High Speed Rail held by the Zhangjiakou Municipal Government at the Zhangjiakou Station of the Beijing-Zhanghai High Speed Rail. Photo by Correspondent Gu Jianhui

The Zhangjiakou Municipal Government held a grand opening ceremony at the Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway Station. Relevant leaders of China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Corporation and Hebei Province Railway Construction Management Office introduced the relevant project situation. The leaders of Beijing-Zhangzhou Intercity Railway Co., Ltd., Hebei Construction Investment Transportation Investment Co., Ltd. and Zhangjiakou Municipal Government spoke warmly and congratulated.

The picture shows the Beijing-Zhanghai high-speed train entering Zhangjiakou Station. Photo by Correspondent Wu Diansen

The official opening of the Beijing-Zhangzhou, Zhanghu, Zhangda high-speed rail and Chongli railways is an important milestone in Zhangjiakou's development history. Zhangjiakou has entered the era of high-speed rail from today and opened a new page in the development of Zhangjiakou.

The opening and operation of the four railways will not only greatly shorten the space-time distance between Zhangjiakou and the surrounding cities, and promote Beijing-Zhanghai into the one-hour economic circle; it will also give full play to the radiation effect of the high-speed rail network, and further play the role of the transportation hub of Zhangjiakou to the west It is of great historical significance to promote the construction of the “Belt and Road” and the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei.

The picture shows the people in Xiahuayuan District celebrating at the high-speed rail station square. Photo by Yin Hui

The opening and operation of the four high-speed railways also pushed Zhangjiakou's "fast forward button" to create new advantages for development, igniting the "new engine" to achieve leapfrogging. Zhangjiakou will follow the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping when inspecting Zhangjiakou, and hand over two excellent answer sheets for the preparation and local development of the Winter Olympics around high standards, gather high-quality production factors, optimize the industrial structure, vigorously develop the high-speed rail economy, and speed up the construction of sports. The city, the city of vitality, the city of well-being, the city of civilization, and the city of wealth and strength are committed to a new path of green development, a strong ecological city, and changing lanes and overtaking.

The picture shows the citizens of Xiahuayuan District taking a group photo at Xiahuayuan High-speed Railway Station. Photo by Yin Hui

Xiahuayuan North Station is a transit hub connecting Beijing-Zhanghai High Speed Rail and Chongli Railway. People from all walks of life come to the station with excitement and joy. In the south square of Xiahuayuan North Station, a hundred-member choir sang "I and My Motherland" passionately, and held roller skating performances, Diabolo performances and dragon dance performances to jointly welcome the arrival of the high-speed rail era.

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