Langfang: Social Security Fee Reduction Reduces 834 Million Yuan for Enterprises and Individuals

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On December 30, Langfang City held a press conference on the implementation of the social security fee reduction policy. The picture shows the conference site. Photo by reporter Meng Xianfeng

On December 30, the reporter learned from the press conference on the implementation of the social insurance fee reduction policy in Langfang. From the implementation of this policy on May 1, 2019 to the end of November 2019, the city's enterprise pension insurance fund reduced its revenue by 501 million yuan. The government agency pension fund reduced 200 million yuan, and the unemployment insurance fund reduced 133 million yuan. In total, the city reduced the burden of social security contributions by 834 million yuan for enterprises and insured individuals.

According to Wang Chunquan, deputy investigator of the Langfang Municipal Human and Social Affairs Bureau, Langfang City has focused on the realization and innovation of the social insurance fee reduction system in six areas, namely: reducing the contribution rate of endowment insurance units and continuing to gradually reduce the unemployment and work injury insurance rates. , Adjust the social security payment base, accelerate the provincial co-ordination of old-age insurance, implement the central adjustment system of old-age insurance funds, and steadily advance the reform of the social insurance premium collection system.

"Since May 1, 2019, the proportion of basic endowment insurance units paid by employees and government agencies in Langfang's urban enterprises has been reduced from 20% to 16%. Since September 1, 2019, the unemployment insurance continued to implement the total rate The 1% phased rate reduction policy was extended to April 30, 2020. Work injury insurance implemented precise cost reductions for six industries that reduced production capacity. "Wang Chunquan said in introducing social security fee reduction measures.

Adjusting the social security payment base is another measure for reducing social security fees in Langfang. According to Wang Chunquan, Langfang City changed the index for determining the upper and lower limits of the social security payment base for the current year from the “average salary of the small caliber” in the province to the “average salary of the full caliber” in the previous year. twenty one%.

The "full-caliber average wage" to determine the upper and lower limits of the social security payment base can not only reflect the actual salary level of the insured persons more reasonably, but also effectively reduce the "threshold" of payment and avoid the "institutional squeeze" of low-income groups. As a result, related companies will also reduce the cost of payment, especially some small and micro enterprises or labor-intensive enterprises, the benefits will be more obvious.

"This time the social insurance fee reduction is the largest in Langfang City since the implementation of social insurance fee reduction in 2015. The combination of fee reduction policies will comprehensively reduce the burden on enterprises and continue to optimize the business environment." Wang Chunquan said that they are implementing various At the same time as the social insurance fee reduction policy, it will also firmly adhere to the bottom line of people's livelihood, ensure that employees' social security benefits are not affected, that pensions are reasonably increased, and that they are paid in full and on time, so that the social security fund will be sustainable and enterprises and employees will benefit.

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