Regional Medical Test Center Established in Handan

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On December 28, Handan Regional Medical Inspection Center was established. Photo by correspondent Shi Yupeng

Exchange of information and mutual recognition of results, reduce repeated detection of patients, and improve the ability of primary diagnosis. On December 28, Handan Regional Medical Test Center was established in the city's first hospital.

The director of Handan No. 1 Hospital, Xin Shuanli, introduced that the regional medical test center has six majors including biochemistry, immunity, clinical examination, microbes, blood, cells, and molecular genes. It has 60 professional and technical personnel who can conduct routine general examinations, More than 1,000 high-value special inspections and cutting-edge projects have realized the sharing of inspection information, which helps to promote the implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment and medical consortium policies, and facilitates the masses to enjoy high-quality inspection and diagnosis services nearby.

The Handan Regional Medical Test Center will provide information systems for the Medical Union Cooperative Hospital and the Community Health Service Center to interface with the First Hospital of Handan City. Relying on the third-party Hebei Runda Kangtai Medical Technology Co., Ltd.'s professional logistics vehicles and teams, Customers provide one-stop cold chain logistics services for blood, pathological tissue and other clinical test samples, as well as diagnostic reagents, vaccines, drugs and other medical related fields. Relying on the quality control system based on cloud technology, timely alert the primary medical institutions, analyze the causes of quality out of control, and correct them. At the same time, it provides technical training, internship and other services for inspectors of cooperative units of the Medical Union to improve the technical level of grassroots inspectors.

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