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· 雄安新区发布两项智能基础设施创新成果 2020/01/05 Xiong'an New District releases two smart infrastructure innovations
· 邢台:电子商务为特色产业集群发展助力 2020/01/05 Xingtai: E-commerce as a Featured Industrial Cluster to Promote Development
· 沽源县“沽之源”区域公共品牌发布会在京举行 2020/01/05 Guyuan County "Gu Zhiyuan " Regional Public Brand Launch Conference Held in Beijing
· 正定:古城风貌恢复提升再现“北方雄镇”风采 2020/01/04 Zhengding: The restoration and improvement of the ancient city style reappears the style of "Northern Town"
· 邯郸市公共文化服务工程完成率达199.2% 2020/01/04 Handan City's completion rate of public cultural service projects reaches 199.2%
· 张家口市强力推进秋冬季大气环境执法 2020/01/04 Zhangjiakou City vigorously promotes autumn and winter atmospheric environmental law enforcement
· 第八届中式台球国际大师赛全球总决赛在秦皇岛开幕 2020/01 / 03The 8th Chinese Billiards International Masters Global Finals opens in Qinhuangdao
· 邢台:打通卫生健康服务“最后一公里” 2020/01/03 Xingtai: Opening up the "last mile" of health services
· 文安:连续三年获文明城市创建全省建制县第一 2020/01/03 Wen'an: won the first consecutive year in the establishment of civilized cities in the province
· 截至2019年底雄安新区“千年秀林”累计造林30余万亩 2020/01/02 As of the end of 2019, the "Millennium Xiulin" in Xiong'an New District has accumulated more than 300,000 mu
· 石家庄发布重污染天气橙色预警启动Ⅱ级应急响应 2020/01 / 02Shijiazhuang releases orange warning for severely polluted weather and initiates Class II emergency response
· 崇礼冬奥核心区7座核心变电站全部投运 2020/01/02 All 7 core substations in the core area of Chongli Winter Olympics are put into operation
· 邢台24万名困难群众实现“安居梦” 2020/01/01 240,000 people in difficulty in Xingtai realize their "living dreams"
· “满意承德”城市综合服务平台APP上线 2020/01/01 "Satisfied with Chengde" city comprehensive service platform APP launched
· 秦皇岛市工人医院多措并举做好儿童流感防治工作 2020/01/01 Qinhuangdao Workers' Hospital Takes Various Measures to Do a Good Job in Preventing and Treating Children's Flu
· 为乡村振兴培养一支生力军 2019/12 / 31Cultivate a new force for rural revitalization
· 张家口:社会各界欢庆京张高铁正式开通 2019/12/31 Zhangjiakou: All sectors of the society celebrate Beijing- Zhanghai high-speed railway officially opened
· 廊坊:社保降费为企业和个人减负8.34亿元 2019/12/31 Langfang: Social Security Fee Reduction Reduces 834 Million Yuan for Enterprises and Individuals
· 邯郸市成立区域医学检验中心 2019/12 / 31Set up regional medical test center in Handan
· 张家口高铁站今日投入使用 2019/12/30 Zhangjiakou High Speed Rail Station goes into operation today

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