"Ending" does not change to "End"

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Lu Qing
The work on the second batch of themed education is coming to an end, and units in various places are in full swing to carry out summary work. It can be said that the theme education has brought new changes, new weather and new fashions, and has added inexhaustible kinetic energy to achieve high-quality development.

However, some party members and cadres turned "finish" into "finish". As soon as they entered the close period, they relaxed themselves and lowered their standards, so that the subject's educational achievements, which were difficult to accumulate, did not translate into a strong motivation for the entrepreneurship of the officers. For example, some people have a “breakthrough” mentality, holding their fingers to “count the days” and looking forward to “the end of the song.” Some others rely on psychology and wait to see how their superiors do. What ’s going on in the neighborhood? The locals were anxious to draw a full stop and change channels. The "look back" requirement was not fully implemented, and the problems found were not "chewed", which caused some projects to become loose, frustrated, and fruitless.

The end is not the end, not the end of work, nor the end. The end is not only a vivid and long-lasting offensive battle, but also a preparatory battle. The closer to the final stage, the more we must clenched our teeth and work hard, the more we must understand the clues, step by step, the more we must keep our responsibilities, keep our responsibilities, and grasp the work with the spirit of unswerving, unswerving, and tossing. We must do a good job of finishing the work, carrying learning, education, investigations, inspections, and implementation of rectification on our shoulders. We must not be tired of thoughts, we must not relax our efforts, and we must not soften our measures, so that the pressure of responsibility can be carried through. We must persist in promoting rectification and implementation with one hand, establishing rules and customizing with one hand, and forming a good ecology of rectifying a problem, improving a system, establishing a rule, and adding a constraint. It is necessary to focus on summing up experience, consolidating, consolidating, developing, and advancing during development, and forming normalized theoretical and institutional results. The issues of review and rectification during the theme education must be sustained and long-term, the commitments must be fulfilled, the deep-seated contradictions must be touched on, and the emerging issues must be ignored, so that the development results can be more fair and benefit the people.

(Author: Qilian County Organization Department, Qinghai Province)

Editor-in-chief: Liu Di_DW087

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