Efforts to promote the high-quality development of civil servants' exam recruitment

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Original title: Efforts to Promote the High-quality Development of the Examination and Employment of Civil Servants——Summary of the Speeches of the National Examination and Employment of Civil Servant

Editor's note

On November 27, the National Civil Service Examination and Employment Symposium was held in Beijing. The meeting emphasized that we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist characteristics with Chinese characteristics, implement the party's organizational line in the new era, and aim to build a high-quality professional civil servant team, highlight political standards, focus on precise science, improve institutional mechanisms, and vigorously promote High-quality development of civil servant examination recruitment. The presentation materials of the conferences of some units have been extracted for local students to learn from.

Focus on solid foundation and strengthen standardized management

In-depth establishment of risk prevention and control system for civil servants

Organization Department of CPC Jilin Provincial Committee

In recent years, in order to ensure the safety of civil servant examinations, Jilin Province has been focusing on the goals of "safety examinations, fair examinations, scientific examinations, and standardized examinations." Strict management, in-depth establishment of institutionalized work operation, risk management and control system, and refined examination management of the "three modernizations" system construction, and successfully complete various civil servant examination tasks.

Deepen the "three mechanisms" and build a hard work pattern. Deepen the leadership mechanism for overall development. The Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and the Minister of Organizations are set up as the team leader, and 15 functional departments are the member of the unit's examination work coordination group to achieve unified deployment, unified command, and unified action. We will deepen the strict responsibility mechanism. Including the risk of civil servants' admission as one of the risk issues that need to be prevented, controlled and resolved in the organizational work of the province. Deepen the co-management mechanism. Relying on the examination and coordination team, clarify the responsibilities and tasks and work priorities of member units, and form a joint force to maintain the safety and order of examinations.

Highlight the "three key points" and build a precise and effective prevention and control system. We will increase the security of examinations to achieve an organic combination of system prevention and control, special prevention and control, and technical prevention and control. Focus on system construction and lay a solid foundation for prevention and control. More than a dozen implementation rules have been formulated such as written examinations for civil servants, interviews, inspections, recruitment of special positions, probation period management, and emergency contingency plans to ensure that the admissions work always runs on the track of rule of law and institutionalization. In order to solve the problem of the shortage of test center resources, the standardized test room for the middle and high school entrance examinations was determined as a fixed test center for civil servants. Emphasis will be placed on special rectification and examination order. April and December are designated as the month for comprehensive management of the test environment, and the public security, education and other departments are jointly launched to carry out special actions for the comprehensive management of the test environment, and severely crack down on "test-assisting" activities and high-tech cheating by illegal social interest groups. Focus on technical defense investment and strengthen scientific and technological leadership. Increase the application of "Internet +" and "cloud technology" in the construction of examination information, invest more than 7 million yuan to re-developed the network reporting system, examination management system, electronic scoring system, interview electronic scoring system, and strengthen the examination work Convenience, safety and science.

To achieve "three enhancements" and build a standardized and orderly operating mechanism. Strengthen bottom-line thinking. Warning education is used as a "compulsory course" for examiners, and through examination training, disciplinary discipline, and integrity education, etc., improve the legal discipline awareness, bottom line awareness, and integrity awareness of examinees involved. The examination system further promoted the prevention and control of the integrity of government risks. Through post self-examination and node investigation, it combed out 20 risk points in eight areas and formulated 48 specific prevention and control measures. Strengthen process management. Refine the quantitative test examination standards, and comprehensively implement the examination management process with clear responsibilities, orderly operation and seamless connection. The province has uniformly formulated the "Provincial Examination Work Requirements and Operating Rules", set up process control lists, and standardized key locations, key links, and key procedures in a column-by-item manner to ensure consistent examination work standards and uniform processes. Strengthen analysis and judgment. Accurately grasp social sentiment and public opinion, adhere to the prevention of risks ahead of time, and judge risks ahead of time, so as to "three investigations and three grasps", that is, the investigation of responsible subjects, ideological education and management supervision, establish a working philosophy from scratch, and resolutely overcome empiricism and paralysis; Investigate key links, focus on risk investigation and responsibility implementation, and resolutely eliminate hidden risks such as unclear division of labor, inadequate connections, and inadequate consideration; check the external environment, grasp public opinion monitoring, emergency preparedness and process drills, and improve emergency response capabilities, Prevent out-of-control and out-of-control items.

Focus on precise science and explore classified examinations

Promote the construction of high-quality professional civil servants in administrative law enforcement

Organization Department of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CPC

As the vanguard and pioneer of reform and opening up, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government always attaches great importance to the construction of high-quality professional civil servant teams. In recent years, it has concentrated on consolidating the work foundation, actively promoted reform and innovation, and continuously explored and promoted the civil servant classification examination, classification training, and classification assessment. And other tasks, and strive to improve the scientific and accurate level of civil servant management.

Adhere to the overall planning of high stations, and actively explore the classification and examination of civil servants. Pay attention to enhancing the systemic, integrated and collaborative nature of the civil servants' classification and examination work. Adhere to the center and focus on key reform tasks. Actively implement the central decision-making and deployment. In recent years, the focus has been on reform tasks in the areas of administrative law enforcement, the judicial system, and the public security system, highlighting the characteristics of positions, reforming the admissions model, and exploring the establishment of classified admissions, gradient implementation, and their own ways. A new mechanism for selecting and recruiting civil servants who has done their best. Strengthen the overall design and implement classification gradient examination. In terms of system design, the overall overall plan is strengthened, and gradient examinations are conducted for differentiated candidates, candidates for large platforms, civil servants in administrative law enforcement, and other subjects through differentiated arrangements for the candidates, time, methods, and follow-up management of recruitment. , Highlighting differentiated evaluations that fit the characteristics of different types of civil service positions. Pay attention to demand-oriented and focus on solving problems. In the process of classification and examination and exploration, it has always been closely related to the actual employment needs of agencies at all levels and focused on solving outstanding contradictions. In recent years, special examinations have been conducted for positions with high professional and technical requirements such as police aviation, special police, prison medical services and small languages in the public security, judicial, and foreign affairs systems. Through measures such as strengthening professional skills tests and reasonable relaxation of the proportion of interviews, Employers have selected a number of urgently needed professional and technical personnel. Since 2016, the pilot work of classified examination of administrative law enforcement civil servants has been launched. After three years of exploration and improvement, a classification and examination model conforming to the characteristics of administrative law enforcement civil servants has been initially formed.

Highlight political standards and precise scientific requirements, and constantly optimize the structure of civil servants in administrative law enforcement. The examination of civil servants in the administrative law enforcement category in Shanghai adopts a "tailored, classified implementation" approach, embodies leniency and strictness in policy grasp, and establishes a correct employment orientation. Reasonably set the range of admissions positions. Combining with the progress of the reform of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement system in Shanghai, the range of positions for the pilot examination of administrative law enforcement civil servants is set to be the first-level comprehensive law enforcement positions at the urban level and at the grass-roots level of urban management and market supervision. . Strictly grasp the requirements of political standards. Adhere to political standards and political requirements throughout the entire examination process. During the registration process, relying on the Shanghai Credit Information Platform and the drug-related personnel information database, all applicants were compared with the integrity review data. Any major dishonesty and drug-related behaviors were immediately cancelled. During the inspection, if there is an unsuitable employment situation in terms of political beliefs and political positions, a "one-vote veto" will be implemented. Set qualifications for positions scientifically. According to the requirements of industry characteristics, set uniform qualification requirements. There are no professional requirements for urban management law enforcement positions, and market supervision positions meet one of the majors of law, economics, food, medicine, and quality. Each year, a certain number of positions are introduced in the urban management law enforcement system, and targeted recruitment is conducted for qualified retired soldiers. Highlight the quality of law enforcement capabilities. Keeping in mind the necessary quality requirements for the nature of front-line law enforcement work, the written test focuses on the basic comprehensive ability, legal literacy, and administrative awareness according to the law; the interview process is based on a structured interview, and additional physical fitness tests and psychological evaluations to ensure new employment While possessing the physical qualities required for long-term front-line law enforcement work, personnel also have the good psychological qualities needed to face the complex front-line law enforcement work environment.

Focusing on the construction of high-quality professional civil servants, we will continue to explore and improve the long-term mechanism for classified examinations. Efforts should be made to consolidate the pilot experience and mature practices of classification and examination of law enforcement. In accordance with the idea of “piloting, perfecting, and summing up”, adhere to precise science, pragmatic and efficient, adhere to the appropriate personnel and personnel, and timely solidify the experience and mature practices of solidified law enforcement classification examinations, and continuously improve and improve the administration Classification and examination work mechanism of law enforcement civil servants. Continue to explore the classification and examination of civil servants in professional and other categories. Further highlight political standards, optimize evaluation methods, broaden sources of channels, and continuously improve the quality of selection and employment. Comprehensively deepen the work of classified management of civil servants. Coordinate the selection and management of all links, explore and advance the work of classified training and assessment of civil servants, and continuously improve the management efficiency and scientific level of civil servants.

Broadening the channels for graded examinations

Continuously improve the examination mechanism for township grassroots civil servants

Organization Department of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee

In recent years, focusing on the regional development pattern of Guangdong ’s “one nuclear, one belt and one area”, the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department has tried out first, and actively carried out reforms in the provincial, city, county, and township grading of examinations, and strived to build a new mechanism for the examination of civil servants in “townships, towns, and county-level institutions”. Strive to build a grassroots civil servant team that can bear the heavy responsibility of the new era and is suitable for Guangdong's economic and social development.

Guided by coordinating regional development, we should pinpoint the examination and positioning of township organs. Benchmark the regional development pattern of the “one core, one belt and one zone” (Pearl River Delta core area, east-west wing coastal economic belt, and northern eco-region), grasp the pulse of grassroots demand, continuously reform the examination of townships, and increase the selection of various talents at the grassroots level . Focusing on the overall situation of the center's service, we have established work ideas for zoning policy assessment. Aiming at the core needs of the construction of civil servant teams in different regions and at different levels, targeting difficult and painful issues, strategizing and selecting people according to the situation, optimizing the township grassroots civil servant teams from the source. Focus on high-quality specialization and help the towns and villages in the Pearl River Delta take off strongly. Around the Pearl River Delta town economy entering the "hundreds of billions of times", industrial transformation, technological innovation and other strong demand for high-quality professional civil servants, broaden channels, recruit talents, and strive to attract an international vision of planning, innovation High-level talents who understand industry, finance, foreign trade, law, and culture. In the past five years, 3,382 people have been recruited for the Pearl River Delta townships, and more than 80% of them have graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad. Aiming for the urgent need, the east and west wings and the strong ecological towns in the northern ecological zone will enrich the people. Aiming at the problems of high vacancy rates and “unrecruitment and retention” of township and village agencies in difficult and remote areas, the county has taken overall planning of vacancies in the past 5 years, and 60% of the rations have been used for recruitment of township posts, which is reasonable to reduce Thresholds include lowering academic qualifications, relaxing professional restrictions, etc., and adopting flexible methods such as job packing and transfer to avoid unattended or failing to open the examination ratio. A total of 14,600 people have been recruited in rural areas at the grassroots level in hard and remote areas. Townships replenish not less than two people each year.

We will optimize the structure of township civil servants by broadening their sources. It not only openly recruits for the society, but also implements special recruitment for township civil servants, focusing on improving the accuracy of recruitment and enhancing job matching. Insist on recruiting from outstanding college graduates and recruit elites. From "waiting for examinations" to "recruiting talents at home", preaching to many key universities in the country, setting up test centers in multiple central cities in China, sending examinations electronically, and recruiting majors who are familiar with modern agriculture, village planning, etc. Talent. Pay attention to the selection of outstanding village community cadres and accept talents. Appropriately relaxed the restrictions on education, age, etc., and adopted the special enrollment of "organization recommendation + examination enrollment". 1102 village (community) party organization secretaries were recruited as township civil servants, and 689 were selected as members of township (street) leadership teams. Intensify the examination and selection of service personnel at the grassroots level to recruit enterprising talents. Since 2014, special recruits have been implemented for college student village officials, three branches and one support, and other grass-roots project personnel. A total of 2,932 people have been recruited. In 2017, targeted retired university student soldiers were recruited. A total of 879 people were recruited in three years to further improve townships. Organ team structure. Pay attention to recruiting from local talents and recruit talents. Leaning on local talents, promoting grass-roots civil servants to understand rural pronunciations, understanding rural sentiments, and being close to homes and neighbors, gradually increasing the proportion of townships or townships that are registered for household registration (source) in this county or county to 60%.

With deepening reform and innovation as the driving force, we should solve the problem of grassroots recruitment in townships. Pay attention to job analysis and deepen graded examinations. Reform the "one-volume universal" model. The written test for civil servants will be divided into two levels: townships, counties and above. The interviews will be divided into three levels: townships, counties, cities, and provinces. Differentiate settings, establish and improve the mechanism of graded examination. Adhere to the combination of examination and use, and strengthen the characteristics of townships. Adopt the "township leadership + assessment experts" proposition model, select a large number of practical problems in rural social development, sort out typical grass-roots work cases, and successively develop and use new subjects such as "Case Analysis and Treatment" and "Case-Based Application" to focus on testing candidates' township work Level of cognition, quality of mass work and ability to solve practical problems. Optimize assessment content and highlight grassroots needs. Use information technology, big data and other technologies to analyze the scores of various test questions of candidates with different majors, genders and grass-roots work experience, optimize the structure of the test questions, reduce reading comprehension questions, increase the use of common sense, scientific reasoning and other questions, and focus on bringing together the urgent needs of townships and villages. "Three rural" applicable talents.

Focus on building a high-quality professional civil service team

Improve the scientific level of examination

Organization Department of CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee

Chongqing has an important mission to play a supporting role in advancing the development of the western region in the new era, to play a leading role in promoting the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, and to play an exemplary role in promoting the green development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Professional civil servants. The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee takes this as the focal point, insists on setting a good position, keeping a good watch, selecting good people, and doing a good job in the examination of civil servants accurately and scientifically.

Raise the station and enhance the scientific nature of the examination. Grasp the connotation of high-quality professionalism, and carry out recruitment around the overall situation of economic and social development. Emphasize political standards and select people with family feelings. Pay attention to the selection of outstanding talents with ideals, ambitions and public servants. When setting up job conditions, he clearly put forward political quality requirements. When taking the exam, he took Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics as an important test content. During the inspection, he focused on the ideals, beliefs, and homeland feelings of the participants to ensure that the recruits were loyal. The party is patriotic, dedicated to the people, and politically reliable. Give prominence to the cause and recruit talents for development. Persist in planning from one area to the next, serve the whole area with one domain, and take professional studies and understanding as an important condition for the selection and recruitment of civil servants, and increase the evaluation and inspection of professional competence and professional spirit. Focusing on the "three major battles" and implementing the "eight action plans" deployment arrangements, each year a group of recruiting places will be put in place, focusing on recruiting urgently needed professionals such as big data, intelligent manufacturing, modern logistics, urban construction, and environmental protection. . Highlight long-term development and optimize the team structure. Aiming at the problems of low pre-education of the current civil servants, imbalance of professional proportions, and high age of civil servants in township and village agencies, we strive to rebuild the structure of Chongqing's civil servants through 5 to 10 years of efforts.

Seize the key to enhance the accuracy of the examination. Focusing on ensuring the quality of the selection and employment, we will conduct detailed examinations of key links. Written test proposition "tailored." Persist in distinguishing the competence and quality requirements of different levels and different types of posts, and pay attention to the ability of municipal officials to test theoretical thinking, comprehensive analysis, communication and coordination. For civil servants of township and village organs, the test questions for "Approach" are individually formulated, with a focus on examining candidates' ability to serve the grassroots and the public. The survey of civil servants in administrative law enforcement class highlighting their legal literacy and front-line law enforcement capabilities. Interview organization is "intensive work." Trial position introduction system, before the interview, the recruitment agency provides the "job description" containing job nature, job content, admission conditions, etc. for the interview examiner's reference, so that the interview examiner can grasp the job requirements and characteristics, Comprehensive evaluation with precise science. At the same time, for different levels of city, district, county, township and government agencies, public security police, administrative law enforcement and other categories of civil servants, determine the content of interviews and tests according to job needs and job characteristics. Based on structured interviews, increase the number of non-leader group discussions. Flexible assessment methods such as on-site lectures, theme interviews, and professional face-to-face questions can effectively solve the problems of “programming” and “routineization” of social training institutions. Candidates inspect the "test and test". Refine and refine the "Civil Service Employment Inspection Methods of Chongqing City", standardize inspection notices, inspection talks, check files, and write inspection reports and other inspection procedures, and increase the number of individual interviews with the interviewees. Insist on personnel files must be reviewed, letters and visits must be reported, relevant personnel must be asked, personal performance must be checked, political quality, professionalism and matching of personnel and posts should be highlighted, and differential surveys should be explored to prevent "one test and one voice" and simply to obtain points people.

Consolidate the foundation and strengthen the support of the examination. Relying on the construction of the Chongqing assessment base, it is guided by theoretical, forward-looking, and basic research to provide guarantee for the scientific work of civil servants. Research on thick planting basic theory. Adhere to the principle of scientific research serving the work of examination and enrollment, carry out 62 national and local research projects such as "Research on Identification and Control of Interview Skills of Civil Servant Candidates" and "Scenario-Based Graphic Reasoning for New Question Type Development Research", effectively promoting talent assessment methods. Transformation of results. Speed up information construction. Apply the "Internet +" thinking to promote the development and application of big data in the examination work, vigorously build an application data system, a written test score analysis system, an interview scoring system, and a test question management system, and test registration, test question generation, test organization, etc. Carry out accurate analysis to promote scientificization with informatization. Jianqiang expert team. In accordance with the construction goal of "integrated management service platform integrating test research and development, evaluation technology innovation, and achievement transformation", we will build a team of 70 proposition experts, a team of more than 5,000 interview experts, and a team of more than 100 scoring experts. Records provide strong intellectual support.

Improve mechanism innovation method

Steady and steady recruitment of civil servants in the tax system

State Administration of Taxation

In recent years, the State Administration of Taxation's party committee has closely integrated the actual situation of the tax system cadres, constantly optimized job settings, innovated interview methods, and improved working mechanisms, and effectively enhanced the scientificity, standardization, effectiveness, and safety of civil servant recruitment.

Make overall plans and improve the scientificity of the employment plan. The State Administration of Taxation puts the recruitment of civil servants in the overall structure of the tax system team construction, conducts special surveys in-depth with grassroots units every five years, analyzes and judges the status and trends of tax cadres, and formulates mid-to-long-term development plan. An in-depth analysis of the current state of civil service staffing, personnel situation, and annual key tasks is conducted every year, organically connecting mid-to-long-term trends and short-term dynamics, responding to peak retirements in advance, strengthening personnel reserves, and scientifically formulating phased staffing plans. The employment plan is tilted to the grassroots level, consolidating the grassroots foundation for the development of taxation.

Carefully organize to enhance the standardization of recruitment. Strengthen leadership. Every year after the start of civil servant recruitment, the State Administration of Taxation promptly guides the provinces to establish a leading group for the recruitment of civil servants, requiring the main leader of the provincial bureau to be the team leader and the deputy director to be the deputy team leader. At important time points such as job settings, interview arrangements, and record review, special themes are deployed to ensure that all tasks are implemented. Standard operation. Compiled the "Taxation System Civil Service Examination and Employment Work Manual", and put forward standardized requirements for all aspects of work. For example, in terms of job placement, the provincial tax bureaus are guided to take into account the actual situation, conduct in-depth investigations on the age structure and knowledge structure of the cadre team, set up recruiting positions scientifically and reasonably, and implement standardized management for professional, academic degree and other requirements. Precise guidance. Adopt the combination of "uniform deployment + special guidance + individual coaching" to provide targeted and comprehensive guidance and services level by level. The State Administration of Taxation has set up a "Civil Service Recruitment" work column on its internal network platform, timely release of new regulations and requirements, sort out and find common problems, and conduct unified research on business standards.

Pioneering and innovating to improve the effectiveness of interview results. Pay close attention to the key links of innovation, and through active struggle, it was listed as the first batch of pilot units for independent propositions in interviews. In the pilot, three main points were mainly grasped. The first is to fully reflect the industry characteristics of the tax system. On the basis of absorbing lessons from the common question proposition, creatively incorporate tax policy understanding, tax legal system, and administration according to law into the evaluation elements, and add a variety of question types such as graphic questions and background material questions to effectively enhance the relevance and relevance of interview assessment. Effectiveness. The second is to train high-quality interviewers. With the care and support of the competent civil service department, the tax system has trained 4,800 licensed examiners, of which 2,500 have the qualifications for interviewing examiners issued by the central civil service department. According to the requirements of interview proposition work, we will focus on selecting business backbones who are politically reliable, highly qualified, and have rich agency work experience and tax expertise. They will participate in the research of proposition work mechanisms, the construction of evaluation element systems, the collection of test questions, preliminary selection and review, etc. Exercise and improve the overall level of the proposition team to provide strong talent support for autonomous proposition work. The third is to actively innovate interview methods. Since 2016, the "structured group" interview method has been actively piloted. This method has absorbed the advantages of the traditional structured and non-leader group discussions. It not only retains the "standard actions" of structured standardization, but also adds "optional" such as comments and responses. Action ", which specifically solves the problem of routine and model of answering questions brought about by social training.

Improve the mechanism to ensure the safety of admissions work. Formulate plans and qualifications. When formulating an employment plan, based on job requirements, resolutely put an end to discriminatory conditions and job creation to prevent bad public opinion; in the qualification review, achieve unified review standards and unified response caliber, and through the consultation phone, official website, WeChat public And other methods to promptly respond to candidates' concerns and resolve potential misunderstandings and contradictions. Interview session. Implement the "three-in-one, one-inspection" working method to ensure that the interview is not leaked. Guide the provincial tax bureaus to formulate a detailed and detailed work plan, focus on risk prevention, and ensure that the "plan is in place"; arrange high-quality and professional cadres to serve as interview examiners and interview staff, take strict work discipline, and sign confidentiality responsibilities, Make sure that “people are in place”; make all-round arrangements for test room layout, security and medical care, and ensure “guarantees are in place”; for units with weak working backgrounds, send out interview and inspection teams to provide on-site guidance, timely corrections, and “ Key inspections. " Physical examination and inspection. Select physical examination hospitals in strict accordance with regulations, keep confidentiality, strengthen supervision, and prevent others from replacing examinations; arrange inspections carefully, and the enrollment and inspections of the General Administration of the People's Republic of China will be conducted by the leadership of the Department of Personnel. Emphasize political standards, and resolutely put an end to people with problematic political tendencies, unethical conduct, and integrity.

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