Promoting the quality and efficiency of civil servant training

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Liu Aiping

"The talents of the world are educating." Civil servant training is a leading, basic and strategic project for the construction of civil servant teams. In recent years, Shaanxi Province has always been guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and has focused on the goal of building a loyal and clean team of high-quality professional cadres. Focusing on service vision and improving service awareness, the overall planning and overall implementation of the training of civil servants has further improved the overall capabilities and quality of the civil servant team, providing strong intellectual support and talent guarantee for economic and social development.

Adhere to political leadership, serve the overall situation of development, and highlight the hierarchy in overall planning. The content of implementing the internship in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress should be included in the courses of each class. Focusing on the work of the center, special trainings and demonstration trainings were held to promote high-quality economic development, the construction of the “Belt and Road”, precision poverty alleviation, and enhancement of rural revitalization capabilities. Pay attention to the cultivation of the source, and include the training of newly recruited civil servants, civil servants at basic posts, outstanding civil servants at the grassroots level, and civil servant managers into the key plans to comprehensively improve political quality, ability to perform duties, and service awareness. Professional ethics construction will be included in the main classes of "four types of training" for civil servants to improve their professionalism and professionalism. Give full play to the advantages of being in the birthplace of the spirit of Yan'an, and make the education of ideals and beliefs the top priority of the professional ethics of civil servants.

Adhere to the goal-oriented, carefully set the course, highlight the effectiveness in the content setting and management methods. To improve the quality and effectiveness of training, tailor-made high-quality, attractive training courses are key. The goal is to build a team of high-quality professional cadres who are loyal and clean, and adhere to the principles of what to learn and what is missing and make up for the curriculum. The training content is tailored to the training topic, and the comprehensive and multi-level training courses are set up carefully around the training theme. Strict process management, send special personnel to implement full-time follow-up management, collect information in time, find and solve problems in the training process, after each class, analyze the training effect in detail, and provide a reference for continuous improvement. The implementation of strict training requires that all departments at all levels must organize training in accordance with the requirements of the training notice. Arbitrary personnel are not allowed to participate in training. Those who do not meet the conditions of job, position, age, etc. and repeatedly participate in the training will be returned and requested to be renewed. Send someone to ensure accurate training.

For different levels, explore classified training, and highlight targeted training courses and objects. Accurately grasp the characteristics of civil servant positions at different levels and systems, actively explore classified training, implement hierarchical training, and strive to achieve precise training. Focus on the training of leaders in the benefit room and leadership training. Select and train key civil servants in key positions and key areas. Emphasis will be placed on the training and improvement of party spirit education for outstanding young civil servants. Leaders of county (city) townships and villages in charge of poverty alleviation work and front-line business backbones will be selected to carry out precision training on poverty alleviation. All newly recruited civil servants will be given initial training at different levels, and provincial and municipal civil servant managers will be trained to update their knowledge structure, improve their political quality and professionalism.

Innovate ways and methods, enhance training effectiveness, and highlight flexibility in training methods. Adhere to the combination of thematic training, regular training and interactive communication, the combination of theoretical education and practical training, expand educational channels, innovate training forms, and fully motivate students. Focusing on optimizing the strength of teachers, promoting leading cadres to the lecture hall, the director of the department took the lead in teaching, improving the level of teachers and enhancing the teaching effect. Adapt to the requirements of "chasing and surpassing" and "five solid" goals, establish a group of on-site teaching and training bases and classrooms covering high-tech, modern agriculture, red culture, professional ethics and other fields, and let everyone go to the main battlefield of economic construction and social management , Cutting-edge, to absorb nutrition and improve literacy. To strengthen interaction and exchange, in the initial training and the improvement of competence and quality, national advanced civil servants such as "People's Satisfied People" and other outstanding civil servants of different positions and at different levels are invited to enter the classroom, interact with the students, impart experience, and teach.

Adhere to the problem orientation, conduct in-depth grass-roots investigations, and highlight accuracy in understanding and mastering training needs. In view of the relatively weak training of civil servants in townships and towns, field surveys were conducted on the training of civil servants in 12 townships in 6 cities to grasp the actual training needs of civil servants at the grassroots level. Through group discussions, separate interviews, questionnaires, and field inspections, it was found that grass-roots civil servants have difficulties and problems such as lack of training opportunities, weak teachers, training on behalf of members, and insufficient professional training. And suggestions.

(Author: Organization Department of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee)

Editor-in-chief: Liu Di_DW087

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