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· 入户贵在有声有色有温度 2020/01/13 Your home is expensive, sound, and warm
· 述出党建新动力 2020/01/13 Reveals new impetus for party building
· 让广大基层干部轻装上阵 2020/01/09 Let the grassroots cadres go lightly
· 把好选人用人政治关 2020/01/09 Turning good people into politics
· 在基层书写最美青春 2020/01/07 Writing the most beautiful youth at the grassroots level
· 年度考核要“硬核” "Hardcore" in 2020/01/07
· 用好年终考核“尺” 2020/01/06 Use the year-end assessment "rule"
· 不负韶华勇奋斗 2020/01/06 Live up to Shao Hua's brave struggle
· 收官不收心 2020/01/03 Dismissal
· 激活奋斗因子 2020/01/03 Activate Struggle Factor
· 年度考核要“硬核” 2019/12/31 annual assessment to be "hard core"
· “收尾”莫变“收场” 2019/12/30 "End" does not change to "end"
· 一以贯之推进永恒课题 2019/12 / 30Promote eternal issues consistently
· 减负不减责见效盼长效 2019/12 / 30Reducing burden without reducing responsibilities
· 打造生态环境保护铁军 2019/12 / 30Build an iron army of ecological environment protection
· 铸牢领导班子灵魂 Leading the soul of the leadership team
· 着力推动公务员考试录用工作高质量发展 2019/12/30 Efforts to promote the high-quality development of civil service exam recruitment
· 推进公务员培训工作提质增效 2019/12/24 Promote the training of civil servants to improve quality and efficiency
· 基层是加强干部政治历练、实践锻炼的最好学校 The grassroots are the best schools to strengthen the political experience and practice of cadres
· 谨防“集体决策”沦为“集体违规” 2019/12/24 Beware of "collective decision-making" becoming "collective violations"

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