China's middle-level courts fully implement cross-domain case filing services

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The reporter learned from the Supreme People's Court on the 25th that cross-domain case filing services have been fully implemented in the middle and grassroots people's courts across the country.

"Cross-domain case registration services are designed to enable the people to obtain case registration services of the same quality as those of the competent courts in any one of the middle and lower-level courts." Qian Xiaochen, President of the Supreme Court Cases Office, said at a press conference held by the Supreme Law. The parties and their agents can submit the first-instance civil and commercial, administrative and enforcement case prosecution application materials to the nearest litigation service center of the People's Court at the basic level. The court will act as a cooperative court to verify, receive, and send to the court with jurisdiction. Cross-domain filing service application. Upon receipt, the competent court responded in a timely manner, and provided feedback to the cooperative court on whether it meets the acceptance conditions. The cooperative court will serve or inform the parties on the spot to build a new model of "prosecution at the door of the house".

"Using informatization means and relying on standardized services, change the state of fragmentation, conflict, and different standards between courts, and connect the litigation service entity platform and the litigation service network platform of the people's court with cross-domain case filing services to form The four-level court's cross-regional and cross-level integrated service model will improve the overall effectiveness of serving the people from the system. "Qian Xiaochen said.

According to reports, the Supreme Law has provided an effective means for cross-domain filing services through the construction of China Mobile's micro-court. Based on the WeChat platform, China Mobile Micro-court has core functions such as online filing, multiple mediations, online delivery, online cross-examination, mobile court trials, witness enforcement, and judicial disclosure.

Based on the platform advantages of China Mobile's micro-court, the Supreme Law has established a nationally integrated cross-domain case filing service system.

According to Supreme Law data, since the People's Court initiated the reform of cross-domain case filing services in July this year, as of December 23, a total of 19,471 cases of cross-domain case filing services have been provided. Among them, 15,810 cases of cross-domain filing services were provided within the provincial administrative area, and 3,661 cases were provided across the provincial administrative area. In 73% of cases, the competent court responded within 30 minutes.

It is reported that the Supreme Law will continue to improve the quality and efficiency of cross-domain case filing services, further increase the entrance of cross-domain case registration service cooperation courts, promote conditional people's courts to provide cross-domain case registration services, further expand cross-domain litigation service functions, and allow one-stop multi-disciplinary solutions The construction of a dispute mechanism and one-stop litigation service center will benefit more people.

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