Provincial Judicial Administration System Publicity Training Course Held in Shi

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In order to further improve the level of legal publicity in the judicial administration system of the province under the new situation, enhance the dissemination, guidance, influence and credibility of judicial administrative publicity in the all-media era, strengthen the construction of publicity work teams, and better serve the rule of law and the province. The overall situation of administrative work. From December 12th to 13th, the Provincial Department of Justice held a training course on propaganda in the judicial administration system of the province in Shijiazhuang. Luo Qiang, deputy director of the Provincial Justice Department, attended the training course and gave a mobilization speech.

This training course is the first training course on propaganda in the judicial administration system of the province since the reorganization of the Provincial Justice Department. During the training, experts from relevant units and departments such as the Provincial Party School, the Provincial Party Committee's Cyberspace Office and other relevant units and departments gave lectures on the judicial administrative news propaganda and reporting.

During the mobilization of the training course, the leaders of the Provincial Justice Department requested that the judicial administration system in the province should fully understand the new challenges and problems faced by the judicial administrative propaganda work under the new situation, adapt to the communication pattern of the all-media era, and properly handle judicial administrative propaganda. Various problems encountered at work. Focus on the central work, grasp the main line of publicity, and innovate the publicity work methods. Focusing on the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the construction of the Xiong'an New District, the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the construction of a government under the rule of law, the "three systems" of administrative law enforcement, the construction of a public legal service system, and grass-roots social governance, accurate publicity highlights of judicial administration. Improve and perfect the judicial administrative propaganda mechanism, establish and improve the incentive mechanism, and improve the work coordination mechanism to build a judicial administrative propaganda team that speaks politics, understands the law, understands communication, and understands the Internet.

It is understood that the Provincial Justice Department Party Committee attaches great importance to propaganda work, and has specially established a propaganda center to create a "4 + 1" propaganda work model for "newspapers, periodicals, websites, microblogs" and "foreign propaganda", and the "Hebei Judicial Administration Online" public The number of followers and readings continued to rise; a series of advanced figures and typical deeds such as "Helping Big Brother" Gao Ruikui and "People's Satisfied Public Servant" Liang Xiaohui were launched; 5 "Notary Public" movies, and "Ordinary" micro A number of good works such as videos.

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